The Main Cause Of Electric Dab Explosion


Unlike basic dab rigs, electric dab rigs feature a battery that powers the devices’ e-nails. However, the quality of vapor and the durability you get from an electric dab varies from one brand to another. Once you turn on an electric dab rig and choose your ideal temperature setting, the device will offer you the best draws consistently.

One of the significant flaws of vaping/ dabbing devices, including electric rigs, is explosions. 

What causes an electric dab rig to explode?

Most electric dab rigs utilize lithium-ion batteries that usually contain a highly flammable liquid in them. When the battery gets too hot, the fluid can react with oxygen, which causes an explosion. 

In most cases, the battery of an electric rig explodes when 

Tips to avoid electric rig explosion

Read and follow the user manual of your electric dab rig

One of the significant causes of electric rig explosion is misusing the device. Most electric rigs come with a well-written user manual on their package, while others brands publish the user manual of their appliances on their websites. To avoid an electric rig explosion, you should ensure you read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations on using and taking good care of your device. These recommendations are usually found in the user manual, but you can contact the manufacturer if you have any more inquiries to make.

Do not overcharge the electric dab rig

Electric dab rigs’ batteries overheat when they overcharge. For example, you should not leave your electric rig charging overnight.

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Do not remove or disable the safety features on your electric dab rig

High-quality electric rigs come with several safety features. For instance, some electric dab rigs have vent holes or button locks that help stop the battery from overheating or exploding. Furthermore, other electric dab rigs feature an auto-shutoff feature that automatically prevents the battery from overcharging.

Only use the batteries recommended for your device

If you need to replace the battery of your electric rig or you need an extra battery, you should obtain it from the exact brand of the dabbing device. Also, you should ensure the battery has the exact specifications as the original battery of the electric dab rig. 

Charge and use your electric dab rig away from flammable substances

You dedicate a clean and flat surface for charging and using your electric dab rig. This surface should be away from flammable substances or any material that can easily catch fire. 

Do not leave your electric dab rig in extraordinarily high or low-temperature conditions

For instance, you should avoid using or leaving your E-dab rig in direct sunlight. Also, you should avoid leaving the dabbing device in your car on a cold, freezing night.

Things to look for in an electric dab rig

When looking for an ideal and safe E-dab rig, you should shortlist some brands and research each brand before choosing your perfect device. Some people report that they experienced an electric rig explosion from a particular brand on online platforms. Consequently, you should check out the testimonials and reviews, from previous buyers, for each shortlisted brand.

Also, most electric rigs are sold in online stores/ shops, which contain the product description, ratings, and reviews for the product. When doing your research, you should also check out the electric rig’s description, ratings, and reviews, as it will help you determine whether it matches precisely what you want. You can also get a CBD vape cartridge to fill up your device after using it.

Some of the main features of a high-quality electric rig include:

  1. Ease of use – (the user should have the ability to operate the electric rig without much experience. Also, the electric rig should come with a well-written user guide). 
  2. Safety – (your ideal electrical rigs should come with several features that ensure your safety. These features include the vent holes and button locks for preventing explosions and the auto-shut-off feature that ensures the rig’s battery does not overcharge or overheat).
  3. Battery – (most electric rig users consider the battery life of the device. If you need to use the appliance more regularly, you need a battery that can withstand all your day’s dabbing experiences without recharging. It would be best if you also inspected the device’s battery before buying the rig. It should neither have any wetness on its surface nor appear swollen).


You now know the leading cause of most electric rig explosions. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines above and those recommended by the manufacturer to help prevent any electric rig explosion.

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