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Checkerboard patterns have been in trend for quite a while now. These patterns can give a classic and bold look to your house. These checkerboard patterns can be a staggered arrangement of black and white squares that can be used for your flooring, wallpaper, textiles, and much more. Using checkerboard patterns, you will be able to create a vintage look for your house. It will also make you feel perfect. Therefore, the checker pattern has become an integral part of Interior design in Bangalore.

The checkerboard pattern can also be used in different colors now to create a sense of versatility. You can create these patterns with tiles, paint, clothes, and much more. These patterns can make a striking statement offering a look that is both traditional as well as contemporary. So, let us have a look at how you can include checkerboard patterns in your house.


You can easily use the checker-board pattern for the foundations of your house for Interior design in Bangalore. It is going to give your room a modern look. Checkerboard patterns are mainly used for the floors of your bathroom and kitchen. You can either use tiles or paint to create the flooring of your house, but when it comes to bathrooms or kitchens, it is always better to go for tiles. There are a wide variety of styles available where you can create your checkerboard floor. Black and white is undoubtedly the most popular combo, but recently, other colors are also becoming quite popular. You can use blue and white, beige and white, and different similar contrasts. The chequerboard floorings are also being used for the living room balcony and other corners of your house. Elegant shades of grey can also do the trick for you.


Checkerboard Patterns need not have to be restricted only to the floors of your house. You can also use a subtle chequerboard pattern on the walls of your room to give your room an exciting space. A checkerboard wallpaper is going to grab the attention of anyone who enters the room of your house. You can also try using this wallpaper at some of the most unexpected places in your room to give it a beautiful look. People mostly use checker-board wallpaper for a particular wall of the house. This is mainly done for the dining rooms and sitting rooms. You can also use this wallpaper to give your balcony.


These days, people are also using checkerboard prints for the backsplash of the kitchen. This can give your kitchen a fantastic look. It will also make your house look all the more attractive. You can even create a backrest in your bedroom using the checkerboard pattern. This can be done using wood on the particular wall to which your bed is attached. This again is a perfect way of highlighting the various aspects of your bedroom. Using checkered backsplashes is an excellent idea for Interior design in Bangalore.

Checkerboard pillows:

Black and white checkerboard pillows are an excellent way to dress up your chair or sofas. These stylish pillows can create a vintage look. You can use polyester pillows for their purpose. They are not only durable but are also highly water-resistant. As a result, you can use these pillows to accessorize both outdoor and indoor spaces. Checker-board pillows are available in different exciting colors as well. You can try playing with the colors to create a perfect interior design for your house.

Checkerboard wall decor:

You can also use chequerboard artwork for the walls of your house. Adding rope artwork in the checkerboard pattern can give a natural look to your room. You can use rope-coiled checkerboard wall decorations in different colors for the various places of your house. A simple painting having a checkerboard pattern can also make your wall look good. You may even paint a particular corner of your home with a checkerboard pattern and use it as wall decor.

Checkerboard tray:

A checker-board tray can add a lot of variations to your coffee table. A simple checkerboard tray is perfect for keeping your collectibles, books and other necessities. You can also use the tray to serve tea and snacks to the guests. This tray can also be kept casually on your coffee table. This will make the table look beautiful and protect the table surface from getting damaged.

Checkerboard pattern linen:

You can use checkerboard pattern linen for your bedroom. This is going to give your bed a comfortable look. You can also use checkerboard pattern pillow covers and table covers. The checker-board patterns also go well for the curtains of the windows of your house. You can use them as your curtain and give a classic look to your room.

So, if you want Interior design in Bangalore for the rooms of your house, you should try opting for the checkerboard pattern. This will change the look of your entire room and become a point of attention for your guests.

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