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If you are a person who loves trekking and wants to explore different trek places then you must explore the beautiful Western Ghats, which provide a variety of hiking trails. As a result, we’ve put together a list of some of the most spectacular hikes in India’s Western Ghats.

There are various treks in the Western ghats which you can go and enjoy.

Some of them are mentioned below.

Kudremukh trek:

  Karnataka is well known for its  popular recreational activity in India, known for its massive mountains, beautiful waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and numerous tourist places. If you’re looking for an exciting holiday in the middle of nature, Karnataka has plenty of adrenaline-pumping possibilities. Kumara Parvatha is indeed one of the treasured jewels.

Starting Point of the Journey

The journey begins in the Karnataka state and leads to the summit of Kudremukh. It may be found in the Western Ghats. The peak’s summit elevation is approximately 6207 feet. This hike will provide you with one of the most tranquil vistas you will ever see.

The walk leads through all the famed Kudremukh National Park, so you’ll get to see some magnificent scenery as well as some wildness. However, you must obtain authorization to visit the area well in advance so that your expedition may begin without delay.

Western Ghat National Park

The Western Ghats National Park spreads across a steep terrain. These foothills of the hills are home to a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. The lowlands were completely surrounded, allowing for a spectacular picture to see when hiking.

The Tiger is the most popular animal in this region. So be on the lookout for it. Wild Indian bison, leopards, tigers, feral dogs, jackals, sambar deer, squirrels, mongooses, porcupines, and other creatures are among the others.

Distance of the Trek

If you’re thinking about doing the Kudremukh trek, bear in mind that you’ll need to be highly fit to accomplish the 16-kilometre route.

Height of the Trek

Kumara Parvatha, in Coorg’s Somwarpet Taluk, is indeed known as “Pushpagiri.” With an elevation of 1,502 metres above sea level, this summit is Coorg’s second highest and most difficult trek route. If you are a seasoned hiker, Kumara Parvatha as well as Pushpagiri has become one of the top trekking destinations for you.

 Kalsubai Trek:

The Kalsubai trek is among the most popular in the Sahyadri area. Maharashtra’s tallest mountain, it is said to be the highest in the state. Several Mumbaikars and Punekars visit the top, which is located at an elevation of 5400 feet.

Views Along Kalsubai

It may border by waterfalls, woods, and historical sites, making some of the most beautiful places to visit. Throughout the year, people throng to the renowned Kalsubai shrine inside the centre of the trip.

Kalsubai Shrine

Goddess Kalsubai Devi is honoured at this temple. The location of a tiny girl called Kalsubai who resided in the mountains is the subject of a popular narrative.Throughout her visit, she was able to relieve the individuals surrounding her of their distress. She did, however, leave town one day and never returned.

As a result, a shrine was created to commemorate her memory and effect on her followers. On the top, a great Kalsubai temple was constructed.

Difficulty Level of the Hike

The hike may regard to somewhat tough. Climbing the summit during the monsoon months, when the terrain is damp and there are strong winds, is particularly tough. The overall distance covered may around 12 kilometres. Many trekkers like undertaking a day hike in order to catch the spectacular image of the sun sinking behind the mountains.

Kodachadri trek:

The Kodachadri hike is 20 kilometres from Kollur and may situate throughout the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The Karnataka government has designated the location as a historic site.

Views Along Kodachadri Trek

The hike might be upwards to 13 kilometres long. The Sharavathi backwaters, brilliant green meadows, towering trees, and deep forest may tout to the perfect journey for adventure fans who adore exploring gorgeous elements of nature like the Sharavathi backwaters, tall trees, and dense forest.

The gorgeous Arabian Sea can see from the Kodachadri summit, which is one of the reasons why many do this walk.

Meaning of Kodachadri

Kodachadri means ‘Jasmine of the Hills.’ Hidlumane Falls, surrounded by powerful streams of falls, mountain tops, and more, is another fantastic tourist place to visit inside the midst of the walk. Several locals and tourists frequently visit the falls to appreciate its tranquillity and to swim in its waters.

Another reason that nature enthusiasts will like this walk is the variety of creatures that they will encounter.

 Kumara Parvatha trek:

The Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats is indeed the second highest mountain in Karnataka’s Coorg district. The adventure track is a popular journey for both novices and experienced hikers.

View Along the trek

This one will bring you through lush woods, enormous volcanic rocks, and untamed flora and animals. Even experienced hikers will find certain sections of the path challenging, but the scenery will make it worthwhile.

Mullayanagiri Trek in Bangalore is also one of the most challenging trek that a trek lover should explore.

Popularity of the trek

This walk is quite popular among residents of Bangalore and other South Indian states. Pushpagiri Journey is another name for this trek.

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