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The Digital Marketing Guide to Going Online Part 1 – Methods


The Digital Marketing Guide to Going Online Part 1 – Methods

 Although my grandmother might remember, the ‘Spanish flu experiencing an epidemic of this magnitude is a brand new and terrifying experience. Let’s examine the effect of SARS on the behavior of consumers within China and AP. We can see what could happen following COVID 19 — SARS caused a significant shift in China into the position of being the world’s leading economy online. click here

According to the information from Statistica indicates, eCommerce has grown rapidly and consistently over the past 10-to-15 years. But, I believe that one of the significant impacts of COVID-19 is to boost that acceptance and expansion. We are seeing new populations of people being introduced to new ways of doing things online that they might not have thought of before – such as working from home, online gym classes to  and collect, and discovering that they love the experience.

How should an owner of a business take the next step in a digital transformation?

To me, the issues can be categorized into three areas to succeed:

Business Strategy What is the reason I am doing this?

The Technology The Platforms and Technology – What platforms and technology are required?

Marketing the Business How do I attract the amount of traffic (customers) I require to succeed?

I’ll come back to the 3rd and 2nd regions in subsequent posts; however, for now, let’s take a look at the question of strategy.

A Business Strategy: How will You Be Competing?

Jack Welch famously said, “If you don’t possess an advantage in competition, you shouldn’t be competing. ‘Even if you create an online presence, people won’t just pop up and purchase from it – If only it were that easy. If you’re considering a change to eCommerce as a quick solution, my advice is don’t.

eCommerce is a significant shift in the way people shop, and you should think of it this way. Traditional retail will come back. However, your customers are likely to have different expectations, and what was an edge in the past might not be valid anymore. The traditional advantages of geographic locations or prices are more difficult to sustain online than in real life.

Pricing is transparent (and is expected to be) on the internet, so it could have a problem when your business model is focused on rebates or discounts that are not disclosed. Being the most affordable isn’t always desirable; however, you must complete it. It is essential to think differently about the products you can offer to encourage customers to purchase from you. Suppose you have a track record of sourcing niche products.

Utilize your experience

 If you can utilize your experience to help customers make the right choice, this is great as most of the time, the issue is the overwhelming choice and not finding out whom to trust. If you have a specialized or targeted item or service, this is the best channel that is right for you.

Local is still a compelling reason to differentiate; however, it restricts the people you’re targeting. The store’s message must be the persona of your retailer or brand and what your purpose is and what you stand for, and why customers should purchase from you. 

If you’re unable to communicate this, you’ll be on the wrong side of the fence. To stay competitive, you need to take advantage of the multi-directional characteristics of the Web. Social media can provide a new (and sometimes more) connection to your clients. An opportunity to communicate with them digitally and be aware of what they are searching for and the solutions you could offer them.

Most successful online retailers

The most successful online retailers understand that it is a two-way road and use their customers’ connections to guide their choices in a complicated manner with bricks and mortar industry. The list of customers you have and the level of consent you’ve gained to reach out to your audience is an essential indicator of the worth of your company in the future. 

It is crucial to concentrate on this aspect in your marketing strategy since it’s the only way to combat the low satisfaction that users generally experience online. There’s an array of competitors just one  away.

 This could be a massive problem for companies and brands. My experience has been to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the same set of rewards and that pricing is transparent across all channels can address any worries. Multi-channel is a good option today.

What can I do, Sir?

A successful salesperson has never started an exchange in a store by asking – What can I offer you? People need help and turn to the owners, brands, and retailers who assist those they need the most.So, whether you want to or not, you’re currently working in the Business of content marketing. For many, it’s an entirely new skill that must be learned or learned.

If you’re selling items, it is essential to have unique descriptions of features descriptions of products. However, you also need advantages. Suppose you’ve got content that shows the product’s use. If not, think about making it available for your top 20 items. Nothing can derail your eCommerce website more quickly than poor product photos and descriptions.  Perhaps the late-night shopping channels might have sold some products!

Business Strategy The Team The Team

The first and most important thing to remember is that the internet is still a commercial enterprise. Therefore, all essential business skills related to finances, operations, customer service, etc., remain the same. However, there are new skills you require.

It is undoubtedly helpful having access to someone with extensive digital knowledge. Who can assist you in putting every piece of the puzzle together? For instance, a highly-focused SEO agency isn’t in a position to assist with email or customer proposition communications. As you expand, you’ll likely bring special skills into your group. 

Understanding and analyzing your data is crucial to achieving the success of your Business. You could initially outsource your work to ensure that it is appropriately set up, but you won’t succeed without knowing the data you collect and what it tells you. Therefore, you should begin studying on the job or with someone who will help you get on how to get on your feet fast.

Business Strategy The Economy of Your New Business

Analytics will bring me to the last part of your business plan. It is essential to comprehend the latest economics behind your work. While you’re not paying high-end rents or prices on your store online, you’re likely to need to invest an essential portion of your revenue online to generate quality and convert traffic. Before starting, make sure you work your budget and P&L, which accounts for these aspects.


I think that nearly every company should be planning for at least 15 percent of their revenue from online sources, as you cannot let that space go to competitors. COVID only increases the necessity to achieve this.

However, there isn’t any magic in this.  Start with a small, slow start and then grow from there. Just ensure you’ve considered the path ahead.