The Difference Between Fashion Stylists And Fashion Designers


The field of fashion is vast, with ample career opportunities. And becoming a fashion designer or a fashion stylist remains the top pick of most fashion enthusiasts. It’s not uncommon for some stylists to also be designers and vice versa – think Mary Alice Haney, founder of luxury fashion line HANEY –and while they’re often confused with being the same, well, they’re not.

If you’re looking to make a successful career in the fashion industry, some clarity on the subject will help you choose the right professional path. So let’s dive right in and understand the difference between a fashion stylist and a fashion designer.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create outfits and trends. Think Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Neeta Lulla, or Sandeep Khosla. They sketch the design, select the fabric, and sew it together to create the final outfit. They’re the hands and brains behind the brand and are actively involved in all stages of the production process. Designers create fashion in every respect. They study the market and consumer behaviour to design pieces that will sell.

Skills Required to Become a Fashion Designer

 To become a successful fashion designer, you must master skills like-

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Sketching
  • A strong understanding of trends
  • Sewing and pattern making
  • Fabric, material design, and manipulation
  • Grading and fit analysis
  • An eye for detail
  • Marketing and communication

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists use outfits and accessories to create a look for their clients. Not only this. They also select the right makeup and hairstyle to complement the look. They usually work with designers, celebrities, brands, or photographers. For example, a fashion magazine can hire a stylist for a photo shoot, or a celebrity can hire them for a red carpet event. They help their clients find their personal style by educating them about the fabrics, colours, and shapes that will complement them.

  1. A design beautician is an individual who can pick dresses and embellishments for style shows, promotions, famous people in motion pictures, photograph shoots, and enormous occasions.
  2. A design beautician makes no interesting outfit or frill except for teaming up the both to make a special style.
  3. A style beautician gives the much-required reciprocal touch with their hair styling and cosmetics abilities to a style fashioner’s creation.
  4. Design beautician work with projects that produces music recordings, films, style shows, and so forth that require outfit planning and styling.

Major Differences:

An up-and-comer intrigued to turn into a style creator can apply in the accompanying projects:

  1. High-level certificate in attire the executives, style planning, material administration, and clothing management. (3 years)
  2. High-level certificate in style planning and clothing marketing. (2 years)
  3. Recognition in attire marketing, style planning, adornment configuration, piece of clothing creation Technology, and piece of clothing quality control (1 year)
  4. School confirmation in style planning
  5. Certificate in Apparel Design
  6. Certificate in Textile Design
  7. For design styling courses one might sign up for the accompanying projects:
  8. High-level certificate in attire for the executives, style planning, material administration, and clothing for the board (3 years).
  9. High-level certificate in style planning, and clothing marketing. ( 2 years)
  10. Recognition in attire marketing, style planning, adornment configuration, piece of clothing creation Technology, and piece of clothing quality control (1 year)
  11. Endorsement course in a piece of clothing promoting.

Albeit despite the fact that one doesn’t have the schooling or information to make your very own example, you can basically gain proficiency with the rudiments of the plan. This incorporates where darts ought to be, the way to get into your plan like zippers or fastens, and so on. You will gain the appreciation of the individual or organization that is delivering your plan and become a style fashioner!

Skills Required to Become a Fashion Stylist

If you have an eye for design aesthetics and can create beautiful looks using ordinary clothing and accessory pieces, then you must enrol in a fashion styling course. Here are the skills you’ll master in the course-

  • Staying up to date about the latest trends in fashion, accessories, and hair and makeup
  • A strong understanding of colours and shades
  • Staying about designer collections and products for the season
  • Identifying the client’s lifestyle and requirements
  • Strong communication

Over to You

Now that you know that a designer and a stylist are not the same, you can make an informed decision based on your skills and preference. But remember, fashion is a creative field with fierce competition. Therefore, you must be innovative and original to stand out from the crowd. An excellent way to do this is by enrolling in a fashion design or fashion styling course.

Top institutes like Pearl Academy offer comprehensive design and fashion styling courses that help you gain valuable skills from industry leaders. So enrol now for unmatched industry exposure and take your first step towards becoming the next sensation in the fashion industry.