The Checklist For Designing The Product Packaging


To begin with, the product packaging is considered the last opportunity for convincing the customers to select the right products from among the competitors. If you want to create effective product packaging, it has to follow specific goals. For the most part, there is no magic formula for guaranteeing success. 

The companies like We Custom Boxes have become popular for designing custom product packaging that aligns with your needs. They have a standard set of packaging solutions, but people don’t like them since it doesn’t let them practice creativity. So, if you want to create promising yet exciting product packaging, we have a checklist available in this article!

Goals Of The Product Packaging 

It doesn’t matter which packaging design decisions you make with the products packaging; you will need to choose the right materials and colors. In addition, you have to accomplish the aspects like design, color, and flavor. So, are you ready to check out the details?


If your product packaging is not being signed on the shelf, sorry to say, but you’ve already failed the competition. It is essential that the product packaging stands out, and standing out isn’t about imitating the competition. Sure, Apple has made it big with minimalist packaging design, but the same minimal design won’t suit every product and brand.


The product packaging should communicate the products and their intended users and the brand that’s producing these products. If the product packaging is unable to communicate these things, the products are highly likely to fail. This is because the customers will spend only a few seconds trying to determine the information, and it’s responsible for keeping the information visible to them. 

The customers need to know that the products exist, and you must make them understand through product packaging. In addition, the products packaging needs to show the functionality and practical benefits of the products, hence emotional attachment. As a result, the packaging will become way more memorable among the competition.


When you are putting too much effort into the product packaging, it will help you close the deal with customers and buy the products. Some elements have become prerequisites for products, which generally include the following;

Be Simple

There is a lot to communicate through products packaging. If the packaging is too complicated, there are higher chances that it won’t attract the customer base and will fail to ensure promising communication. This is because some companies fail to design the packaging that reduces the chances of clutter and mess. 

Appeal The Target Audience

As a company you want to define the target audience that you want to appeal to. Ranging from the colors to the color scheme, multiple design elements can be tested to offer improved working.

UPC Codes

The UPCs are known to be the universal product codes called the global identifiers that allow product selling, tracking, and reordering through a promising supply chain. For this reason, you need to have the UPC before designing the barcode, which is responsible for communicating the data and make sure the barcode is easy to scan 

Weight & Volume

Some FDA guidelines must be designed and aligned with the firms. For this reason, it is essential to add the weight and volume information of the products along with the measurements. 

Labeling & Warning

NIST has optimized the product labeling requirements that must be adhered to by the customers. There must be allergy warnings. For the most part, the allergy is triggered by fish, peanuts, eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, and wheat. So, if your product has any of these ingredients, an allergy warning must be added to the products packaging. 


Most brands don’t add the certifications on the packaging, but if you are selling the electronics, you must add the certification. For such products, adding the certification will increase the sales chart. 


Whenever you design the product packaging, you must add the product description to make sure the product’s purpose is clear to the customers.

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