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Videos can contribute to making your message feel more intimate. You will be able to grab people’s attention on a personal level and highlight the fact precisely by creating videos. Video narrates a story and enables you to reach a larger audience at the same time. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a platform to present your business, brand or products to a huge audience or build your own identity as an individual or a social creator, Pickzon is the best short video app for you. Create unlimited videos and give your best in every take! 

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What are clips and how do they work?

Clips are short videos that you can create with music from your favourite songs from the library. Clips allow you to increase brand awareness, attract a huge audience and keep them amused on a constant schedule. It provides you with a meaningful opportunity to grow your audience and influence. Always strive to create as genuine and interesting clips as possible, as the audience is eager to see original yet unique content. Create, share, and let’s impress your online presence.

What Kind of Content Do You Promote With Pickzon Clips?

When it comes to the question of what kind of content you can promote using Pickzon’s clip feature. It is not necessary to limit yourself to only creating humorous or versatile content; you can also create interactive videos to grow a company, business or brand. Pickzon Clips allows you to create fun videos to make your audience laugh, meme videos, or something that is trending. However, if you are primarily interested in advertising your company, our clip feature is an excellent tool for constructing your graph.

Videos are Best To Attract Attention

When it comes to attracting a huge audience, Videos hold the utmost importance as they are interesting, useful & informative too. 

How-To Videos: Pickzon is the best short video app where you can make different types of videos including the how-to ones. At Pickzon, you can make how-to videos which will be helpful in guiding the audience. You can make DIY craft videos or how-to videos to tell about the usage of a particular product. Create videos and engage your audience. 

Funny Videos: When it comes to social media, Fun videos always help to attract a huge audience. If you have that fun element in you that can make the audience laugh, why not implement it with Pickzon? Start your journey of being a social creator with Pickzon and show your talent to the world of thousands. 

Motivational Videos: These types of videos not only promote mental peace but also help to achieve your goal to serve society. If you have done something inspiring that can motivate or you are a social figure, start sharing your story & motivate the audience. 

Travel Videos: Who doesn’t like to travel? Everyone likes to travel & keen to know the cheapest, affordable & famous places all around the world. If you have the knowledge of Travel & know the destinations, their popular places, food & hotels to stay, you can make a Travel page on Pickzon and create clips on it. 

What are the dos and don’ts of using clips?

Clips are a one-of-a-kind opportunity because the short videos has unmatched advertising potential. While making clips, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Emojis and Filters: Adding emojis and filters to your videos makes them more appealing and engaging.

Include Hashtags: Including hashtags in a video boosts engagement and increases clip searches. It aids in attracting an audience to a specific niche and reaching the focused audience in real-time.

Posts on Feed: Posting clips on feed can help increase their views. You can also post it on Stories, but posting it on Feed is more effective in reaching a larger number of users.

Create clips for the correct reasons: If you want to promote something with your clips, make sure to include your brand or specific content in a suitable manner. Determine your target audience, your goal, and how you will promote it.


Don’t use too much text: Including too much text in a video may bore viewers. The audience is more keen to watch videos than intensive reading. So, incorporate limited text into videos and make them worth watching!

Download the Pickzon app and start making short videos. 

Pickzon is the best short video app for generating different types of videos such as short clips, feed videos, stories videos, and positively impacting users. Pickzon allows you to engage your target audience by creating videos and clips. High quality video posting allows you to capture the attention of users and establish your distinctiveness. It’s time to put your skills and talents to use. Now is the time to download the app and experience the difference. Pickzon is best.

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