The Benefits Of Using The Next Evolution Foamex Printing

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Even in this modern age of marketing, the public is recognizing print showcasing as a powerful advertising device. There are many advantages to hoarding panel promotion over other kinds of advertisements. It’s powerful and has the ability to produce stunning results when combined with modern-day advertising.

Additionally, it gives advantages over other marketing strategies from a variety of perspectives. For instance, although people are able to avoid online advertisements when surfing the internet, they aren’t able to avoid print ads.

By using imaginative, attractive printed promotions, you’ll be able to create a lasting impression of your brand’s image to customers. This article outlines how a powerful Foamex printing strategy can elevate your business to the next degree.

The Benefits Of Foamex Print

Foamex is manufacturing with an extremely smooth finish that can cut or manufactured to form, allowing organisers to create authentic Magnetic boards to present or other applications.

The printed Foamex is water-resistant and waterproof. It is indestructible to dampness and is ideal for use on exteriors. However, we recommend 5mm or greater for wind resistance remote when used for larger signage.

It’s easy to hang with self-tapping screws or twofold-sided Velcro as well as twofold-sided cushioned glue to create an inflexible, solid material. Placing it on Foamex can give you incredible 3D solidity and could use again at different events.

The most commonly purchased signage is 3mm and 5mm thick boards since they are easily reduced to size while the 10-mm thicker board is likely to cost a bit more because it’s laser cut. Foamex may be cut to custom-designed shapes and is also utilised as 3D-square for signage. Its lettering can be sprayed to match the appropriate shade.

1. Foamex Prints Are More Economical

With Foamex printing costs on boards soaring due to the innovative twists of events, printing promotion has become much more efficient financially than before. Through the use of signs or business cards, handouts or pennants, you can increase your profits and increase the visibility of your image as a brand.

There are many options to set notices on paper that can effectively draw attention to your audience. There are a variety of commercial printing options available to fit any budget.

2. Benefits Of Building Loyal Relationships With Customers

Print ads on reliable, well-known papers and create a stunning charity for your image. Regular endorsers will trust the publication or the content and browse through any ads that it has with a relaxed and friendly attitude.

If you post rehashed ads by posting rehashed advertisements, you can encourage customers to remember your image and the message that you are transmitting. 

3. Foamex Print Marketing Is More Durable

The hoarding board is accessible for long lengths. Many people enjoy printing out printed materials at their workplaces, like going through them over and over while sharing them with other people.

Numerous facilities, workplaces and shops display papers and magazines, which allows your print advertisements to be noticed by more people. Although digital media only lasts in the event that you continue to purchase them, printing media is more reliable and will last until it has an image of worth.

4. Being Physical, It’s More Individualised

Another advantage of Foamex indications is that it’s significant, but not like the advanced media. In this technological age, people will be thrilled in the event that they can get through messages that are transmitted.

The messages are perceived and felt and can cause them to believe that the person who sent them thinks about them. A custom-designed board sign is more meaningful to a person than a message sent via a high-tech or an advertising display.

You are able to look at the sign or the letter whenever you want and put it on your desk for an update.

5. Clienteles Trust Print Ads More

Studies show that people prefer hoarding displays to sophisticated ads. In the majority of cases, we’re familiar with email and have seen the danger of clicking on unintentionally advertisements that can result in downloading malware onto your PC.

We are also aware of how someone with a malicious agenda can see your innermost thoughts while surfing the internet.

6. It Encourages Readers To Buy

Hoarding construction will reveal that customers react more strongly to printed advertisements, such as those in magazines or printed papers as opposed to digital ones.

It’s been observed that when a print advertisement is paired with digital media sources. The trust of the audience increases and they might decide to purchase the item. The majority of establishments realise that they must enhance the effectiveness of print ads by incorporating QR codes and other features.

7. More People Are Recurring To Print Media

According to research people are more aware of the dangers of online enslavement. They enjoy taking severs and frequently exchange their digital media.

They are aware of the value of printed media and are able to take pleasure in reading printed materials during breaks. Advertisers stand to gain and get the attention of those who read them by making printed publications that are genuinely captivating.

PVC Foamex

Available Foamex Thicknesses

The most commonly accessible thicknesses of Foamex are 3mm five millimetres and 10 millimetres. Let’s discuss each of them individually.

3mm Foamex

The 3mm Foamex board is, not surprisingly, the lightest of the three thicknesses. Since it requires less plastic for the same area, it’s also the most affordable.

Because it is extremely flexible, it can easily bend around the curve. In fact, there are a few displays that are made to hold the print image of Foamex around the curve.

One of the most popular applications of 3mm foamex is to be used as an edging for shell schemes used for exhibitions. The slim profile fits nicely between the aluminium struts that are use to support the shell scheme frame, and their lightweight ensures. They can easily attach to walls using Velcro (most exhibitions do not allow fixing them to walls of the shell scheme in any other method).

5mm Foamex

The 5mm foamex has become a well-known option. It’s the perfect combination of weight, value and stiffness.

It’s larger than the 3mm foamex but it’s also more durable. It can therefore attach to slatted backings like fences, railings or weatherboard (although the larger sizes might require some support).

In the event that the size overall of your graphic isn’t too big. It can even stand free when it is supporting by the bottom, for instance by using any of our wedge Display Stands.

10mm Foamex

In truth the majority of times, we’d suggest Dibond as the best compromise between durability and weight. But 10mm foamex does have some advantages to it.

In the beginning, the Dibond may be bent. After it’s bent, it is very difficult to return it flat. The 10mm foamex on the contrary hand does not bend. If sufficient force is applied it could snap, but it requires a significant force for it to occur.

Also, foamex that is 10mm thick is a lot of bulk! It may be better for the design you’re going for (Dibond is just 3mm thick). However, it may need when you’re fixing the image into a display unit, particularly if it needs to stand free.


Another reason that has made the material well-liked is the fact it is extremely simple to cut and bend. Which means that shaping it to make custom-designed designs is not a problem for anyone.

Because Foamex boards are basically plastic as their primary materials, they are able to face no issue with rust. You can pick the thickness based on the amount. It needs to expose to wind and other elements of the environment.

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