Super Effective Ways To Secure Subcontracting Work


Subcontracting is one of the most straightforward ways for tradespeople to maintain a steady flow of work. Rather than competing with general contractors whose primary purpose is to connect with clients, tradespeople can network with these contractors, many of whom are in desperate need of reliable labour. As a result, they can often spend more time doing the work for which they have been trained.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to find subcontracting work and how to stand out when general contractors are seeking for tradespeople to help them finish their projects.

Networking gatherings and trade exhibits

One of the greatest methods for tradespeople to interact with general contractors is to attend networking events and trade exhibits.

General contractors are frequently in ‘talent sourcing mode’ when they attend these events. This means they’re interested in forming long-term relationships with any tradesperson who can demonstrate high levels of knowledge and professionalism.

Speaking at one of these networking events is one of the best ways to convey this. Many of them conduct events and are always looking for people who can deliver interesting lectures. Because of the high demand for speakers, being a speaker usually comes at no expense; all you have to do is put together a distinctive and interesting presentation.

Make yourself available for informal inquiries after your presentation. This is your genuine chance to wow general contractors and establish relationships.

Portfolios in video

Your first jobs will most likely come from applying or tendering on construction job platforms if you’re a newer tradesperson who hasn’t established ties with general contractors. When looking for tradesmen to work on their projects, general contractors frequently turn to these job boards as the last choice. A video application will assist you in standing out.

The fundamental source of apprehension about these open platforms is a lack of trust. Because mistakes by subcontractors might result in a loss of margin and reputation. They prefer to choose subcontractors with whom they have previously worked. Sending a brief video as part of your application is one approach to develop trust and get ahead of the competition.

Share an Introduction

If you do choose to send a video, all you need to do is share an introduction to who you are and what you do. You’re not attempting to demonstrate your knowledge of your craft; rather, you’re attempting to establish yourself as someone who can be trusted.

If the platform you’re using doesn’t permit video as part of the application (which most don’t), try finding the general contractor’s website (a quick Google search would typically suffice) and emailing the video. Indicate in the email who you are and that the purpose of this video is to further identify yourself as part of your application.

Make a concerted effort to increase referrals

Because general contractors delegate so much responsibility to subcontractors, they prefer to work with professionals who have demonstrated their professionalism and dependability in the past. When it comes to securing work from general contractors, referrals can help a lot.

Subtly encouraging referrals can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Going above and above the call of duty on jobs you undertake, ensuring that little details like cleaning, budget reporting, and billing are completed quickly and effectively. This is something that a decent career management tool may assist you with.
  • Maintaining contact with old employers. Everyone benefits from being regarded as a reliable source of recommendations, owing to the fact that referring work is frequently returned. Your goal is to get access to the local construction industry’s inner circle, which refers jobs to one another.

Create a Google My Business profile for your company

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a crude hiring method, many general contractors find talent by simply looking for tradespeople on Google. If you can rank at the top of the results for such a search, you should be able to obtain a steady stream of leads.

When someone conducts a location-based search, the results typically begin with a map of nearby companies. The listings below the map are Google My Business profiles of relevant businesses, not websites.

It is a wonderful chance for tradesmen with newer businesses to rank on this map. Because it can be done very rapidly compared to ranking a website in the organic Google listings.

The following are the basic steps to ranking high in Google Maps for location-based searches:

  • Create a Google My Business profile and complete it completely.
  • Find out how to set up a Google My Business account.
  • Make sure you’re listed in all of the important local directories and that your entries are consistent.
  • Increase the number of good Google reviews as much as feasible.
  • Learn how to achieve 5-star reviews for your business.
  • Check to see if the information on your website matches what’s on your Google My Business listing.
  • Find out how to create a website for your trading company.

Working as a subcontractor on a regular basis necessitates a diverse strategy

Subcontractors are found by general contractors both online and by word of mouth. Given the fierce rivalry for employment among tradespeople, securing consistent subcontracting work necessitates investing time and effort in growing your presence both in the real world and online.

Finally, don’t forget about business insurance. Liability insurance safeguards your company from a variety of threats. If a member of your staff becomes ill or hurt, a client has an accident, or critical equipment is stolen or damaged. The correct insurance coverage will cover costs that you might otherwise be unable to afford. As well as protect you against the expensive costs of litigation.

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