Start Your Own Carpooling Business With A Blablacar Clone App


The taxi booking apps are a well-known method to book rides effortlessly. When Uber, Lyft, and Ola were successfully pioneering the market, another segment of transportation apps bloomed. They brought so much difference to our lives, and commuting to places has become easy because of them. 

Even though taxi booking apps benefited people greatly, still the demands of the people were not fulfilled. To match up with their demand, the concept of carpooling evolved. Apps like Uber and Ola added a segment to their app for carpooling. On the other hand, apps like BlaBlacar focused completely on carpooling services. 

How does the BlaBlacar app work?

The concept of carpooling is quite simple. Have you ever got stuck in heavy traffic and missed your bus or cab? Immediately you will ask for a lift from people over there. That is what carpooling apps like BlaBlacar also do. 

However, in carpooling apps, everything happens in the digital format. The app will be a forum where it connects commuters with car owners. 

The car owners who travel with empty seats in their cars will tend to invite people to travel with them. They will enter the location and time when they are going to travel. People who want to travel to the same destination can ping them and join them en-route. At the end of the trip, the other person will pay the fares to the car owners. 

BlaBlacar- the leading French-based carpooling app, was started in 2006. Currently, the app is operated in 22 countries globally. In 2019, it also witnessed an increase of 71 percent in its revenue. There are around 90 million users for the app in 2020. 

In 2019, the company decided to expand its services. As a result, it offered bus rides and bus ticketing in certain markets. 

Blabla lines – The new innovative idea of the BlaBlacar app 

In 2017, BlaBla car launched its new app called the BlaBla lines app. It is a community kind of app. There are car owners who used to take the same route every day to reach their office from home. The app will mark a line in the app to draw a pattern. 

The app will note the starting and ending point of the trip. Commuters who travel in the same way or who are somewhat near to the location can prefer to join them every day. The users can pay at the end of their trip in cash. 

How to initiate a carpooling business with an app like BlaBlacar?

BlaBlacar is a leading carpooling app that rocks the market with its presence. While initiating your carpooling business, it will be better if you opt to replicate the app. The BlaBlacar clone will help you have a strong application to provide services to the users. 

Following are some of the steps to consider while developing a BlaBlacar clone app,

Select a niche 

Often ride-sharing and carpooling are mistaken by people. They both might look similar, but they differ from each other. Ridesharing is like a cab booking where users book their rides with privately owned cars through an app. 

On the other hand, carpooling is all about riders sharing their car with drivers who want to reach a common destination. By the end of the trip, they will be paying money to the car drivers directly. 

So, these are the underlying differences between them. Hence, you have to be careful before choosing your business model.

Work out the ways for revenue generation 

In carpooling or ride-hailing apps, the major stream for revenue is by collecting commission charges. This will be collected from both the users and drivers. Apart from these in a carpooling app, there are three ways to generate revenue. They are,

  • You can invite third parties to advertise their content and products in your app. So, every time your users click, you will earn money from the companies. 
  • The next way is to collect premium fees from the users to get additional features and facilities from the app. 
  • The in-app purchase fee accounts for the drivers who want to list their names at the top of the app. 

Select the essential app features 

For an app to function properly, it is mandatory to have good features. So go with easy-to-use features to comfort the users. Your BlaBlacar clone app should have three modules- user app, car owner’s app, and an admin panel. These features will help you in creating a user experience. 

Where can I get the best BlaBlacar clone script?

The next question that rings your mind is from where to get the best BlaBlacar clone script? Many developers can assist you in developing the app from the start. But still, I prefer you to opt for a ready-to-launch BlaBlacar clone app. 

There are app development companies that are into developing cloned apps. You can approach them and get your app with your desired customization. They are time-saving and also cost-effective. 

Wrapping up

Unlike taxi booking apps, carpooling apps like BlaBlacar are gaining prominence. All you need to do is find the best developers or development companies to develop your robust app. Within a few months, you can put your BlaBlacar clone app into action.

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