[Solved] How to Convert Image to HTML File Format?


Summary:- If you are looking for a solution to convert image to HTML file format, then this article is for you. In this upcoming write up, we are going to discuss an effective solution by which users can easily solve this query entirely on their own. But before we move any forward, let’s understand this query through a user’s perspective.

User’s Concern

Hi, my name is Sofia and I have some image that I would like to convert into HTML format due to some professional reasons. Well, I have tried every method that I could find on the internet, but none of them seems to work. So, can you please suggest me a solution by which I can easily convert image to HTML file format that too in a short amount of time? Thank You! – Sofia Rodriguez”

So, What do we Understand through Image & HTML Format?

Images as we know already, is a visual representation of any object, subject, living or non-living things. In short, Pictures can be 2D,3D or a portrait, statue, hologram captured by any kind of optical device such as camera, mobile, telescope and so on. Apart from this, the word “image” is often used for pie charts, maps, banners, graphs and many more.

On the other hand, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a web language. That is designed to create a display on browser. The HTML page has many elements such as text, links, images, codes and much more. It can be uploaded through any local system and received by server.

Now, you must be left wondering that why do we need to convert image to HTML file format, why is there any need for this conversion? Well, in this upcoming section we will discuss the main reasons behind this procedure.

Responsible Factors for Exporting Image to HTML Format:-

  1. Image that are usually add in browser are heavy in nature because the image contains raster graphics. This is the main reason why the size is high and it often takes a lot of time for image to upload properly.

  2. Most of the Web developer prefer to import their image into an HTML code and then copy and paste the code directly in HTML.

  3. Last but probably the most important reason is that users need to set path for every image on that very particular HTML page. So, to make things more easier most of them prefer to export image to HTML format.

Now, Is there any Way to Convert Image into HTML File Format?

Since there is no direct method that we can use to save image as HTML, even if there was it would have taken a lot time. Considering if you happen to have multiple images that you wish to export as HTML and you have to save all of the images one by one. That would have been time-consuming. To save you from all this trouble we suggest that you should opt for a Professional Solution. There are many third-party software that you can choose from.

But, in this scenario, we highly recommend the Image Converter Tool. With the help of this tool you can easily convert your image into multiple file formats. Along with that, this application maintains the image quality even after the operation.

How Can I Utilize this Application?

In order to convert Image to HTML file, follow these below listed steps:-

  1. To begin, install and run this application on your operating system.

  2. Then, users can either select Files or Folder option to add their files.

  3. You can also preview your data before the procedure.

  4. After viewing, click on the Next tab.

  5. Now, select HTML as your export format and press on the Convert button.

Perks of Using this Application:-

  1. Users can easily convert image to HTML file format with the help of this tool. Along with that, they can also save their images into various other formats as well.

  2. This application preserves the image quality even after the procedure is done.

  3. With the help of this software, users can either add images in HTML or they can create HTML for each image separately according to their desire.

  4. It is guaranteed that there will be no damage and change in the data while converting Image to HTML file.

  5. After the operation, this tool generates an export report, users can save this report for future reference.

Final Verdict:-

In this article, we have discussed about main reasons why users want to convert Image to HTML file. Along with that, we have mentioned about an effective yet reliable solution for users to easily resolve this query.

It is however highly advised that in case you have large amount of images or files. Then you must rely on the automated solution. This tool that we have stated right above can easily export bulk images into users required file format. Not only that, this application also maintains image quality that too even after the operation is done.

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