Social Media Apps Can Control Emotions

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You might imagine you are fully in control of your life; however, social media affects your mood without your realizing it. When you make a social media account via your chat messenger app, you can try your best to keep your account exclusive. However, once you become a part of social media the element of exclusivity goes out the window. NEEO Messenger is an online chat app that helps you stay exclusive. You can use NEEO Social if you like or you can just use the app to call and send messages to your loved ones. The following are a list of ways that social media, through popularly used apps, can control our emotions:

  1. The name of the app:

Certain apps have names that indicate their main purpose. For instance, if a certain social media app has the name, ‘face’ in it, that implies that you have to expose your face. While using this app you will inevitably end up putting up a picture of yourself, friends, or family. If you make an account on such an app and decide against putting up pictures, you will lose popularity votes rather than gain any. In real life, we have the choice of interacting with only the people we want to. But once we make an account and put up a picture on a social media app, many people that we don’t know get to see us too.

  1. Social media app trends:

Some social media apps promote trends that users cannot escape from. There’s an app that motivates youngsters to create short videos of themselves and share them with their online friends. Such apps encourage you to share details of your life with other app users. Once again, if you don’t put up ‘stories’ via your chat messenger app. You’ll probably become less popular among the app users. Such apps encourage you to reveal your personal life as part of a trend but they don’t guarantee that your account won’t be hacked. If your account gets hacked, personal details of your life get into the wrong hands, and then you’ve had it!

  1. Indirectly promoting a fast lifestyle:

What some online chat apps do is give you a limited amount of time to showcase your pictures and videos. This way you can give your online friends glimpses into your private life. However, while using the app you might suffer from anxiety while trying to figure out which picture or video to upload next. Such apps seem to bring about a certain restlessness in our personalities. We keep thinking of ways to impress our online friends and get cut off from the real world.

  1. Inability to stay focused:

Social media apps that expect you to stay active to stay popular take away from your moments in the real world. Unless you’re someone with a very strong will and solid purpose in life. You’re bound to get distracted by social media. When you see random posts and stories on social media it de-tracks your mind and you end up losing focus. While working or while trying to study, you are tempted to check notifications rather than concentrate on the task at hand. You might even tell yourself you’ll get back to work after a ten-minute break. But those ten minutes will, in most cases, turn into 30 or 40 minutes if not more.

  1. Give rise to unnecessary complexes:

In the real world, you would probably just be concerned with the lives of the few people you know. In the world of social media, any or everybody will become a subject of interest. Instead of paying attention to those who truly matter you’ll find yourself obsessing over people who have nothing to do with you. You’ll compare your life with them and feel bad about not having what they have. While some people take inspiration from the success of others, some just end up feeling depressed. If you have a peaceful lifestyle that is not super active, social media will disrupt your peace. It will make you feel like an outcast if you don’t put up pictures and videos of yourself doing cool things.

We all want to be happy in our lives but we tend to forget that being at peace with ourselves is more important. Some people relate happiness with excitement and thrill and when these two things disappear from their lives, they feel depressed. But when you use your chat messenger app to cheer someone up, that’ll give you real contentment. Use NEEO Messenger, the online chat app, to communicate with the right kind of people for the right reasons. You don’t want to be a part of the never-ending rat race on social media.

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