Sleeping Pills UK: Common Risks Associated With These Drugs

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Your favorite sleeping pills might be helping you in getting good sleep, but they can become your toxic yet permanent friend!

Technically speaking, sleeping pills might be one of the perfect treatment options for sleep disorders. You’re just taking your sleep pills, and a few minutes later, you are in your dreams. Many people know that sleeping pills are 100% unsafe, but they are only interested in the advantages.

Thus, before you start consuming sleep medications, you should understand their ins and outs. Today, in this post, we’ll mention the potential risks or problems associated with sleep medications. Let’s get started.

Heavy-Eyed Driving

As per various resources, individuals consuming the common forms of sleep medications feel drowsy even in the morning.

Now you might be wondering what heavy-eyed or drowsy driving is. Some part of the drug isn’t flushed out even after getting up from the bed. As a result, even after having a cup of coffee, you’ll feel a slight headache, yawning, and sleepiness. Thus, you’ll struggle while doing the common morning activities like driving to the office and doing the household chores.

Surprisingly, the extended-released forms of sleeping pills UK are only prescribed to oldies and women; hence, they are more at risk than males. Thus, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that doctors lower the dose for both men and women.

However, if you want to stay active and fresh in the morning, consult with your doctor before starting your dosage pattern. Next, ensure you can devote full 7-8 hours to sleeping without any disturbance.

Quick Building Of The Tolerance

When you start following the sleep medications and experience some advantages in your sleeping routines, later, your body responds differently. In simpler words, over time, there is a change in your body responding to these drugs. The change is your body requires higher doses of sleeping pills to stay in the dreams over the night.

As your body demands, you can’t control and start taking higher doses, but here you’ve wholly forgotten the upcoming adverse side effects. Consuming higher doses of sleeping drugs might lead to depressed breathing and sudden minor/major heart attacks, and you’ll have to say goodbye to the world.

Thus, it’s better to stay on the sleeping medications dosage pattern for a short period to avoid such adverse side effects. For example, if you’re suffering from some short-term sleeping disorders, you might have to follow sleeping pills for nearly 7-15 days.

Once you start getting some positive results within 8-12 days, slowly quit these drugs and re-establish your sleeping routines. If you’re consuming your sleep medications for more than three weeks, you’re getting vulnerable to the adverse side effects.

Unusual Changes In The Behavior

Everyone does some strange activities while sleeping, and that’s common. But, some sleep medications are known to cause weird side effects like amnesia and sleepwalking. In simpler words, you’re sleeping on your bed, and suddenly you find yourself in the kitchen.

Such effects are also experienced by people taking the newer versions of sleeping pills. If you or your family members experience such erratic changes in your behavior, knock on your doctor’s doors and report them.

Constant Falling Down

It is very weird and embarrassing, especially to patients who have just started consuming sleep medications. As per various reports, patients consuming sleep medications during their hospital stay or not report constant falling down.

Falling down is a significant problem. Both legs are the body parts that continually balance your body and measure the center of gravity. Some drugs disturb your overall body functioning. However, older patients are more vulnerable to constant falling than men and women.

Risk Of Death And Cancer

As per various reports, people following sleep medications for the short or long-term are likely to get cancer in their late 40s and 50s. Furthermore, many patients who have followed such drugs for a short period have died suddenly without any major reason.

However, sleeping pills do give you results, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience the adverse side effects. Thus, there are many other safer and effective treatment options available for insomnia and similar sleeping disorders.

In our opinion, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the safest and effective treatment options for treating sleeping disorders compared to sleeping pills. If you have just started experiencing some negative changes in your sleeping routines, seek assistance from the counselor or therapist instead of directly jumping on the medications.

The Takeaway

Once you have started taking sleeping pills and have crossed the limits, it’s tough to quit them. Believe it or not, they are more seductive and hazardous than alcohol and drugs. So whether you’re planning to consume sleeping pills or quitting them, always keep the doctor at your side. Lastly, it’s recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay away from sleeping disorders or medications.

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