Simple Tips and Tricks to Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account


The best way to recover hacked Facebook account is to use the recovery options that are available on the website. The recovery process requires the user to enter his or her email address and phone number. After choosing the recovery option, the user must confirm his or her password by providing a new one. Then, the user has to enter his or her old password twice. Then, the hacker will be able to view his or her profile.

What are the Signs that your Facebook Account has been Hacked?

There are a few warning flags that someone has taken control of your account without your permission. Here are the main hints to keep an eye out for:

  • Your birthday, email address, password, or even your name may have changed, as might your security settings.
  • Messages that you didn’t write have been sent to your friends and contacts.
  • You have received posts or friend requests that you did not initiate.

Steps to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Once the account recovery page opens, the user should identify the hacked account and enter the previous password. The new password must be the one that was used to access the hacked account. Once the user identifies the hacked account, he or she must then enter the old password to recover the account. Once the process is completed, the user will receive a new password. The new password should match the one used to access the hacked Facebook account.

The next step is to reset the password for the account. This process is easy and takes just a few minutes. Once the user enters the new password, he or she will be redirected to a page that shows the recent changes made to the account. The user can change any information that the hacker changed. Once the process is complete, the user will be directed to the page confirming the account recovery.

To recover a hacked Facebook account, the user should use the same device or location he or she normally uses to log into Facebook. After this, the user will receive an email that has a link or a code. Press the link and the page will redirect to a recovery page. From here, the user should input his or her new password and click the submit button. This process will take some time, but it will be well worth the effort.

The first step is to change the password of the hacked account. To do this, Facebook will require the user to enter his or her name and email address. Then, the user should add a trusted contact to his or her account. The friend’s email and phone number will be verified. This will allow the user to reset the password of his or her account. The second step is to enter the security question and answer.

Lastly, the user should set a strong password and enable two-step verification. Enabling two-step verification will prevent a hacker from accessing your account without the password. Moreover, it will also allow the user to change the password in case of a hacked Facebook account. After a successful login, the user should click the link to enter the security code. In the event that this does not work, the user can contact the person who hacked the account and make sure they will not use his account.

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The first step in recovering a hacked Facebook account is to confirm the hacking incident. In order to do this, change the password and enable two-step verification. It is important to change the password to a strong one, so that it will not be guessed. After changing the password, the user can add a trusted contact to his or her account. This is the best way to recover a hacked Facebook account.

The second step is to change the password. Changing the password on your Facebook account is as easy as following the steps listed below. After the hacker has accessed your account, he or she will have to enter the recovery code. Then, the user will be ask to choose a new password. This is the most effective way to recover a hacked Facebook account. During the recovery process, the user is ask to enter the ID of the person who hacked their account.

Bottom Line

Besides changing the password, you should also change the recovery details. If the hacker has accessed your email address, he or she will need to scan your ID with his or her phone to recover the account. The password will help you to recover a hacked Facebook account. However, if you have not updated your email address, you should change it as well. Once you’ve changed the password, you can log into your Facebook account.

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