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Selecting the Right Size Floor Space at Trade Shows


You must have noticed that sometimes a smaller size stand may appear busier than a larger booth during an event. And you must have wondered, how? This is because of a very common misconception that more space means assures greater success for you. But in reality, size has nothing to do with the success of your exhibition stand. Though it can help you to have a magnificent exhibition stand that can surely attract visitors for you but rest depends on how you manage the crowd.

Sometimes exhibitors build a really large exhibition stand which later they are unable to handle and this leads to the failure of their stand along with the failure of their efforts and money. This is why it is important to have just the right size of exhibition stand space, not too big and not too small. But how to determine the right exhibition stand space size for your business?

Well, no need to worry as we are here with some useful tips that can help you determine the right size of exhibition stands that will suit your business and will make your trade show appearance a success.

Understand your Trade Show Goals

Every brand attends an event with specific goals and purposes and understanding those purposes and setting your goals will definitely help you to determine your stand space and exactly how big you need to go.

To set your goals you need to understand your purpose of participating in the event. Are you going to:

  • Launch a new product?
  • Launch a new brand?
  • Re-brand your company?
  • Engage with prospective clients and generate leads?
  • Hold private client meetings?
  • Perform live product demonstrations?

Once you have clearly defined goals then you can easily narrow it down to specifics such as deciding on products you want to display (if any), the size of the products you display, and how many of each. Along with this, decide on what all you will require on your stand including items such as display kiosks, tables, chairs, AV display, or anything else taking up floor space.

Generally, all the above-mentioned things will help you decide on what will you do with around 50% of your available floor space.

Your Exhibition Stand Type and Size

This point will give you an idea of how much floor space you have for foot traffic and visitors and will also help you map out the items on the floor space accurately.

There are generally 4 types of exhibition stands preferred by exhibitors including- Linear Inline Booth, Corner Booth, Peninsula Display, and Island Display. All of the mentioned types of exhibition stands come in a variety of sizes. Hence first decide on the type and size of your exhibition stand and then move forward with deciding on the floor space you will need to make attendees feel welcomed and inspired to enter your space as cramped areas or crowd volume can turn visitors off and stop natural foot traffic and the flow of the stand.

Consider your Budget

Not every trade show or exhibition will charge the same price for space. The price for the floor spaces varies with the location and the size of the event. Your budget can make a huge impact on purchasing the correct booth space and size, the success, and the return on your investment within the show. So, ensure that you keep this in mind while choosing the floor space you need.

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