Scope Of An Undergraduate Degree In Singapore?


In today’s landscape, undergraduate degrees help build basic work ethics and transferable skills. An undergraduate degree can also help you get a taste of building a successful real-life career. As an undergraduate student, you can choose from a wide range of fields, including communications strategy, marketing, finance or even accounting. Singapore tops the list of good undergraduate degree options for those who have just graduated high school and are looking for a  quality education and a chance to gain practical experience in a big business hub.

Let’s evaluate the scope of pursuing an undergraduate programme from a reputed university in Singapore.

Singapore’s most popular undergraduate programs after class XII

As per the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, Singapore offers numerous opportunities for international students and has an excellent education system.

Depending on your previous academic performance, you can be admitted and complete the program within three years.

Here are few undergraduate courses to consider based on your interests:

  1. Engineering: With a focus on providing hands-on experience, engineering programs in Singapore are renowned among students.
  2. Computer science: The need for IT professionals in Singapore and around the world has led to the popularity of this course,
  3. Media studies: In addition to technical courses, Singapore is a popular destination for students studying the arts. As well as polishing skills and teaching about interactive media, the media studies program fosters critical thinking and creativity.

In addition to these, Singaporean colleges offer a variety of other fields of study, including:

  • Tourism and hotel management
  • Business and management
  • Creative arts, communication, and design
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Arts, social science, and humanities.

Singapore is an excellent study destination for students since they don’t have to worry about getting a visa or a work permit after graduation.

Some of the best universities  

Singapore may be small, but in terms of job opportunities, higher education, and research, Singapore is a big hitter. Some of the best universities are listed below:

  1. FTMS Global Academy: It offers a wide range of programmes and a holistic learning environment. Global competition is taught to students.
  2. LASALLE College of the Arts: An innovative teaching philosophy is emphasised at this reputed university.
  3. National University of Singapore (NUS): It is ranked 22nd among all universities in the world. It has been providing more than 3000 students from all around the world with globally recognised courses.
  4. Nanyang Technological University (NTU): It is ranked 52nd among all universities in the world. It started in 1955 and quickly gained popularity all around the world.

Common entrance exam to get admission to these universities

 IELTS and TOEFL exam successes give you access to the outstanding educational system of the nation. You can also work part-time in the nation without a work permit if you have a VISA and other necessary documentation.

Did you want to work in study or work, there will be no better place than Singapore. Apply now and ensure that your dreams come true.

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