Online RNI Registration - Registrar of Newspaper of India

RNI Registration – Registrar of Newspaper of India

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The Registrar of Newspaper of India (RNI) is responsible for maintaining a database of all registered newspapers in India and It is necessary to register your newspaper with RNI if you want to publish it in India.

The procedure to register your newspaper has been simplified over the years and now you can register your newspaper online. This article will take you through all the steps required to register your newspaper online.

The Registrar of Newspaper of India (RNI)

A publication is require to register with the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI). The RNI is a statutory body which established by the Government of India. It is responsible for regulating, controlling and monitoring the functioning of newspapers in the country. RNI registration is necessary for all newspapers, both print and electronic.

The Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) was set up under the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867 in order to regulate and monitor publications in India. In addition to regulating publications, it also monitors their circulation figures, which are important statistics that help determine the advertising rates charged by publications.

The RNI maintains a register of all publications that have successfully completed the registration process.

Procedure/Guidelines For Registration

  • Step 1: Verification Of Title
  • Step 2: Authentication Of Declaration
    1. After obtaining the title verification letter from the RNI website, deliver it to the appropriate forwarding authority (DM/DC/SDM/DCP/JCP/CMM, etc.) for authentication, together with a correctly filled declaration (Form-I).
    2. Separate declarations from both the publisher and the printer are require if the publisher and the printer are different people.
    3. If the printing press and the site of publishing are in different districts, both districts must submit separate statements.
    4. The publisher must file a declaration with the district where the book is publish, and the printer must file a declaration with the district where the printing press is located.
  • Step 3: Publication Of Volume/Year-1 Issue-1
    1. If the periodicity is daily or weekly, volume/year-1 issue-1 must be brought within 42 days of the verification of the declaration, according to section 5 (5) of the PRB Act 1867.

RNI Registration is necessary by which publishers?

  1. Indian Newspapers
  2. Magazines
  3. Editorials
  4. Foreign Newspapers

Benefits of RNI Registration

If you have been planning to launch a newspaper for your business then you should consider getting it register with RNI. You will have complete freedom to print whatever you want in your newspaper. There will be no restrictions on the contents of your newspaper or magazine. You will be able to print anything you want in your magazine without any fear. But you have to follow rules and regulations of guidelines. This can really help you promote your business in a very effective manner. By getting your newspaper register with RNI

By registering with the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), you can avail several benefits that come with the registration of a newspaper. Here are some of them:

  1. It gives your publication a legal recognition.
  2. most importantly, The publisher can avail tax benefits on the purchase of newsprint and other machinery.
  3. Publisher has to receive permission from the RNI before changing the name or frequency of the publication
  4. The publisher must submit copies of each issue to the RNI within 30 days from its date of publication, which is then made available for public inspection at the office of RNI
  5. Publisher is require to submit a declaration stating the correctness and truthfulness in each issue under section 3(1) (e) or section 3(2) of the Press and Registration Books Act, 1867 (PRB Act).

Documents for RNI registration

Please note the documents required for RNI certificate registration vary from state to state. The following is a generic list of documents that are usually required.

  • Declaration in Form I
  • Affidavit in Form II
  • Newspaper Declaration of Publication in Form III
  • Affidavit relating to change of name in Form IV
  • A written agreement between owner of periodical and keeper of printing press for printing the periodical, bearing signatures & designation of both the parties. 
  • most importantly, A copy of the first issue (i.e. volume 1, issue 1) brought out after authentication of declaration by DM/DC/SDM/JCP/CMM.

A first-edition copy, i.e. volume 1, issue 1. Please double-check the following items before submitting the first issue:

  • Within 42 days following the date of declaration authentication, the first issue of the journal should publish and also,
  • Then, Volume 1, Issue 1 is plainly printed on the front page of the first issue.
  • The printed title, page numbers, and entire publication date are all printed on the issue.
  • The title or masthead is written in a consistent typeface and letter size. Any variation should not be more than 25%.
  • The published newspaper/periodical includes public information, opinions, and comments.
  • Only the languages verified by RNI may publish in the newspaper/periodical.
  • Symbols, images, emoticons, and other symbols should not use in place of a syllable or letter in the title.

Registration Certificate

The Press Registrar issues a Certificate of Registration just once:

  • After that, when the first edition of the periodical published, and the Magistrate issues a copy of the declaration.

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