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The pandemic has been tough on most of us. So many have lost friends and family members, and all of us have felt the fear and anxiety of the virus infecting our close family members or us. So, it is a fear that hasn’t deserted us yet. Thus, the small mercies that many of us have is financial stability that enables us to get treatment and afford a nutritious diet and even the rest for recuperating from this debilitating illness. But, unfortunately, not everyone is that fortunate. Hence, do not stop COVID 19 donation USA to India.

Make donations beyond money

There are many in the country’s remote villages constantly looking for help, not just monetary aid. So, they are looking for timely assistance in medical attention as there are no COVID-19 hospitals near their houses. Hence, there have been desperate appeals for oxygen. NGOs and government organizations went on overdrive, trying to make arrangements for oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators as patients desperately gasped for breath.

There has been a widespread appeal for essential medication, thermometers, pulse oximeters, BP machines, and even basic sanitation articles such as sanitizers, face masks, PPE kits, gloves, etc. Do not stop donating, as a majority of the people afflicted during the second wave are poor people who cannot afford the treatments for the COVID-19 infection. They live in small houses with large families, and home isolation is impossible, and they have to be admitted to hospitals for the duration of the quarantine period. Such families need medical aid to afford hospital stays and treatment charges. Many of the COVID-19 patients are sole breadwinners or caregivers in the house. 

These patients need help in any way possible to ensure that they aren’t deprived of a chance to get medical attention and an opportunity to live.

Aid a person, aid a family

Suppose NGOs can take care of the medical expenses of the patient. In that case, it will relieve the families of the burden to make arrangements to finance the treatment of their family members while paying their living expenses. The second wave, which reached the villages of India, has crippled the shaky finances of many low-income families. Patients are being ostracized by villagers and are compelled to get medical aid far from home.

In many cases, there is one COVID-19 hospital within a 100-kilometer radius. And, it becomes impossible for families to get transportation on time to take their family to the hospital. NGOs are arranging for ambulance services or any comfortable transportation modes for such patients. It relieves the families of the burden of carrying their family members or even watch helplessly as they suffer.

Doctors are the hands of God

Many doctors have set up emergency health camps in rural areas. Students facing college lockdowns are accompanying doctors and camping near these villages. It provides unrelenting medical care. They are ably supporting doctors and working with what best they have to help patients. These students see death in the eye as they see man patients losing their victims to the coronavirus. However, they also experience the small joys of seeing a patient cured and heading homeward. Yet, they abide by their undying spirit to utilize their professional skills to help where help is needed the most. COVID 19 donation USA enables these doctors to continue their treatment of patients. It is even where it is an alarmingly large number of cases.

This pandemic has taught us the value of doctors and medical education in a stark manner. Unfortunately, many students may compel to drop out of medical school. So, they come from low-income families and cannot afford to continue their education in the face of the pandemic. Make cash or kind donations. Medical textbook donations can save many resources as these are expensive investments students have to make.

It is a period of uncertainty and fear for the future. the world needs able doctors. They may  ground in their skills and capable of making wise decisions to help their patients. Medical textbook donations or supporting a poor medical student through scholarships or sponsorships can go a long way. It is ensuring that we always have a talented doctor to save the world.

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