Quick Things A Trichologist Wants You To Know About Your Hair

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When you speak of your hair, head, and scalp, you hardly think about the issues right? You simply take your scalp health and hair health for granted right? Well, it is time that you start paying attention to your hair care and scalp. You can get a scalp treatment in Bangalore but then, if you are taking good care of your scalp, you may not even reach that level. After all, it is about getting the best experience for yourself. Well, here are some quick things that trichologist want you to know for sure.

What You Eat, Makes You 

Just like all types of tissues, hair benefits from a healthy, balanced, and diverse diet containing all essential nutrients. You know what, being a non-essential tissue, it’s the foremost to take a hit when your diet is lacking and the last to advantage from what you eat. If you had to choose the two most crucial food groups, they should be proteins and carbohydrates. Protein, being what your hair is formed up of (keratin), is required to bolster the strength and integrity of strands, whereas carbohydrates offer energy to proper hair growth. So, be careful about what you eat and also ask from trichologist.

Work on Your Shampooing Regime 

Once it comes to hair health, shampooing is crucial. It is for the reason that your scalp is essentially skin. It’s living tissue that sweats, generates oils, and sheds dead cells. Just like your face, it requires to be cleaned regularly to make sure it’s in good condition. Shampooing every day is not really for everyone, and in case you have very long hair or coarse hair, it may not even be realistic.”

The point is you need to be thoughtful about the type of shampoo you use. Then, more importantly, you need to be careful about the timing of using the shampoo. You need to be sure that you use the shampoo and wash your hair twice minimum in a week or thrice maximum in a week. It depends on how much physical activity you engage in. If you are a sports person, as an example, then you must wash your hair thrice a week. It is to ensure that your hair does not gather moisture, grime, and filth in it. And also, you need to limit the head wash to thrice a week to ensure that the natural oils of your hair do not get ripped off.

Vitamin D 

You need to be thoughtful about it too. Vitamin D is the main ingredient to hair growth as every single hair follicle has a vitamin D receptor linked to it, know efficiency is quite common and at least 80% of people mostly are lacking – most notably the ones who work in an office or live in a city wherein Sun is a rare luxury. So, you need to be sure that you get Vitamin D in your routine to ensure that your hair is taken care of.


To sum up, you can even speak with a trichologist in Bangalore if you want to know something personal about your hair and scalp.

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