What Precisely Is the Meaning of Promise Rings?

What Precisely Is the Meaning of Promise Rings?


Basic Information About Promise Rings

The relationship between people can be symbolized by objects that have special meanings. The value of these objects depends on the meaning they have for the individual. A promise rings is an object that has several meanings. In history, it is an object that transcends time by having a religious, emotional, and even institutional character.

There are several depending on the symbols and the importance it has. Differentiating between several rings requires doing a bit of the genesis and its sentimental character. It is the case of a promise ring. What is a promise ring? What does it mean? About history? How to wear a promise ring? And how to choose a promise ring? So many things you need to know to better understand the importance of the promise ring.

Promise Ring: What is it?

The promise ring has a special difference compared to other types of rings. It is a ring that is offered to a person who has a relationship with her for her commitment and loyalty in your relationship. The promise rings is often given just before the engagement. On the sentimental level, it symbolizes the fidelity between two partners; it shows that reciprocity exists between the two lovers and that if the recipient accepts the ring. It is the symbol of a relationship of trust between the two people, whether it is a relationship of love or simply a friendship.

Promise Rings Meaning

The promise ring can be offered between loving couples or between friends. Therefore, the meaning of the ring depends on the situation you are in and the value of the person in your eyes.

For a couple, the ring is above all a symbol of love and devotion to their partner. It serves as a foretaste before the engagement. Indeed, giving a promise ring to one’s partner portends a future commitment for both partners. It can also just represent an avowed love and a consolidated commitment to better magnify the feelings experienced.

Also, the ring can be for a couple who does not wish to give a symbol object to their relationship to use the ring as a representative value in that love relationship. Therefore, if they do not want to get married or have a strong commitment, the ring will be a true symbol of this relationship.

For relationships that do not have a romantic character, the promise rings is a kind of pact and commitment for the relationship. Between friends, it represents a feeling of faith in the person to whom it is offered. The meaning of the ring offer, in this case, is not well defined but, in short, it is just a way of consolidating the bond that unites the two people.

The promise ring can be given to a parent or even to a child. In this case, it gives a special meaning that of love and affection but also promise of support in all difficult times.

History of the promise ring

To locate the origins of the promise ring, they go back to the time of the “federe” ring. The “fede” ring is a piece of jewelry that represented the alliance or a contract signed between two people. We recognize the ring of “feder” by the pattern of two hands which are joined and which means “hand in confidence”. Then, from the Middle Ages, this type of ring is used to show the love between two people. Today, the promise ring is particularly famous in the United States where it is used for lovers, to show a commitment between two loving partners. His notoriety has crossed borders and today becomes an object to show his love for a person.

How to wear a Promise Ring?

The promise ring is not only for women, they can also be worn by men depending on the meaning and the occasion. For the hand that wears the ring, it is not a regulation or an obligation. Which hand and finger wear the ring is usually up to you. Some people wear the ring in a chain around their neck. However, it is observed that promise rings intended for a romantic situation are often worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

And if subsequently, an engagement ring is added to the list, the promise ring changes hands to go to the right hand. It should be understood by this that the engagement ring does not in any way detract from the value of a promise ring; on the contrary, it reinforces its value. Read more info about this engagement ring meaning visit our online store at Gemistone Jewelers.

How to Choose a Promise Ring?

There are several types of promise rings. To choose your promise ring, it must be done according to the value of the relationship you have with the person you want to give him but also the place he occupies in your heart. The choice of the ring also depends on the means you have. Therefore, always try to find a ring that fits your wallet.

For couples in love, the value of the jewel is important, it is for this reason that gold or diamond rings are more or less reserved for couples in love. On the other hand, for a relationship that does not have a romantic connotation. We prefer a dark but also very pretty ring to better show the sentimental aspect. To choose a promise ring, you must always bet on the sentimental value but also its representation and its meaning. Therefore, it should also not be confused with an engagement ring or an alliance.

If you want to buy perfect online promise rings with unique styles and designs. We recommended the best option for you; look at our Infinity Knot Promise Ring. This ring feature is an infinity symbol of love, so this ring is the perfect gift to give your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé.

Some rings are personalized with symbols such as the flower, writings, or even the effigies of the couples. For example, you can choose a wooden ring which is very trendy these days. Besides that, it is not very expensive.

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