Pressures Of A Locum Doctor And How To Manage Them

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A locum job may seem rewarding with the travel benefits attached. However, it is as challenging as a general practitioner’s (GP’s) or nurse’s job. These challenges could be long working hours, strict work policies, or treating rigid patients. Whatever the case, a locum is expected to fill in for a doctor in his/her absence and do the job responsibly. Patients must get treated timely and accurately.

We always talk about the travel and monetary benefits attached to a locum job. However, we pay less attention to their work routine and how they cope up with stressful situations. There could be times that a locum feels stressed in a new job. It could be due to an unfamiliar work environment. The other times, it may seem chaotic to stick to the procedure explained to you during the knowledge transfer session.

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In this blog, we’ll learn about several reasons a locum could be stressed and what’s the way out.

Frequent Travelling

Locums are required to travel as they fill in a contractual position. This job could be within the city or somewhere remote. In the case of a short-duration contract, a locum doctor may have to move again to another work location. It can lead to physical exhaustion. As you try to fit in a new job, you may get a call to shift to a new city altogether.

While traveling is a benefit for many, some locum doctors may feel stressed. What’s the way out? The best you can do is choose a long-term contractual position. This way, you don’t have to move places frequently. Also, you can take a break between two jobs if your schedule allows you to do so.

Unfamiliar Work Procedures

When switching jobs, one can expect a different work environment than the previous one. You may find difficulty adjusting to a new setting; you may take more time than expected. It could stress a locum as he/she may find it stressful. It could cause mental stress, and a locum may plan to move back.

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In such a situation, it’s better to give yourself some time. Know about your job in advance. Talk to your colleagues or friends and seek their opinion. All this can alleviate stress.

Tough Patients

Treating difficult-to-deal patients is part and parcel of a doctor’s job, and locum doctor are no exception. As a locum, if you had a friendly relationship with your patients in a previous or current work setup, you may find it difficult to adjust if your new patients are rigid. Maybe you were accustomed to a friendly work environment, but your new workplace demands strictness.

The best way to manage such a situation is to go with the flow. Take your time to understand your new patients and how it works with them. In the longer run, you may end up making friends.

Work Overload

It’s a common issue among locums and GPs. They can feel overwhelmed with work in their new job and find it troublesome to manage it. When your colleague is absent, you may have to fill in for him/her. It means taking additional tasks for the day.

How to manage your workload? Learn to say no to additional tasks if you don’t have the required bandwidth to complete them. Also, take one day at a time to keep yourself calm.

Use this information if you’re planning to take up a new locum job. Even if you’re studying to become a locum, this piece of information may help you a great deal.

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