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If you’re looking for exclusive eyewear prescription safety glasses services that are unique in Singapore and elsewhere, using the best technology in the eye care industry then you’ve in the right place.

This article provides you with a list of some of the most popular Luxury eyewear in Singapore. Check them out!! More than 3000 frames in store, with many brands available. Find useful gift ideas for yourself, your friends, and your beloved ones. Listed below are some of the best brands to buy from in 2022.

1. Sunglasses For Cycling

Cycling sunglasses for all types of weather. Prescription safety glasses for the work environment. Progressive lenses for those with a need to see up close and far away.

2. Matsuda

Matsuda has been in the industry for more than 50 years. The company still believes in its process, which is perfect for every design they make. This is a part of the reason why they survived so long and thrived in a world where brands can get extinct in a matter of months. Matsuda eyewear is available in Singapore at Visio Optical. We believe that having the right pair of glasses can change your looks in a great many ways.

Designers put a lot of preparation and thoughts into the design of each piece. So every hinge, every rivet, and every component that you see in the frame are prepared thoroughly. Thus you cannot get your hands on Matsuda frames so quickly. Matsuda eyewear is made in Japan. The artisans make this premium eyewear with a lot of effort and love.

3. Dita

DITA eyewear is famous for its quality, appearance, and wearability. Jeff Solorio and John Juniper founded DITA in 1996, to revive the vintage eyewear fashion from the 50s to the 80s. Jeff and John envisioned Dita as an alternative to label branded eyeglasses.. It takes manic precision and the utmost attention to every detail. There are up to 320 steps to create a DITA frame. And the process can take up to 8 months. DITA is not a branding company of mass-produced frames. DITA is a genuine eyewear manufacturer. They design and make their own frames, and that fact shows in the spectacles they make.

4. IC Berlin

The company was founded in 1996. ic! berlin is a child of the new Berlin entrepreneurial revolution, a thriving creative metropolis fueling innovation, and ideas. ic! berlin spectacles are screw-less eyewear. A professional team in the Produktion Haus in Berlin makes all the designs. Above all, the spectacles are 100% from Germany.

Progressive lenses are a great option for those who need reading glasses as well.
Matsuda is a brand that specializes in progressive lenses and progressive glasses, which can help you see clearly at all times of the day. An eye exam is included with the purchase so you can get your prescription on file with the company. The best cycling sunglasses on the market.

5. Prescription Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays while staying safe and stylish. Prescription safety glasses are perfect for any kind of work or play. Progressive lenses give you clear vision without blurring or distortion. Progressive glasses are perfect for those with an active lifestyle who want to see clearly no matter what they’re doing.

Masunaga is the founder of the optical industry in Fukui, starting production in 1905. Masunaga brought skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo with the ambition of setting the optical industry solidly in place in Fukui.

The design at Matsuda is never a copy from anywhere. Each design is unique on its own as it takes the people at Matsuda months to create one design. Good things take time. But that is a distinctive feature of this company. The craftsmen take the time to perfect their craft and then provide the customers with what they need. Matsuda eyewear is the epitome of perfection for customers. This is why Matsuda stands apart from all other brands.

SwissFlex spectacles are extremely light frames. They are special because of the comfort that you can experience when you wear them. We don’t need to say much to our customers about how comfortable these frames are. In fact, the first time our customers try them on, the first word that they say is “wow!”. SwissFlex eyeglasses are so light, they are simply different!

6. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is a type of light that has a wavelength between 400-500 nm and is emitted by smartphones, tablets, LED screens, and other digital devices. It can be harmful to our eyes because it can lead to eye strain, headaches, macular degeneration, and even blindness in extreme cases. This is why we need eye protection like blue light glasses or cycling glasses.

There are many different brands of blue light glasses available in stores near you but they may not all have the same features or quality so it’s important to find out what you want before making a purchase decision.