Preparing Kids for Grades

Preparing Kids for Grades or for Life – What’s More Important?


We, all know how the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the globe in the clouds of challenges, pain, and helplessness. However, no matter how tense the situation had gone.

What came as a shining ray of hope was the love and care. A lot of humans kept sending across to those in need. At JP International School, one of the top CBSE schools in Greater Noida. We believe that to give a tough fight to any crisis, fallouts, or any stressful situation in life. What’s actually needed are such traits from humans. And not a report card proclaiming 100 percentile in History or Physics or Accountancy.

Thus, the need of the hour is to raise kids with life traits that drive them a long way. On the personal front, when put into practice adequately. it is these skills that come to their aid in growing germane to the societal themes.

So today, in this article below. We have brought for you some of the key skills that stand as an absolute must for instilling in children. When it comes to prepping them up for life ahead.

  • Empathy

Being empathetic is putting oneself into somebody else’s shoes and looking at the issue from their perspective. At JP International School, we firmly believe that empathy is indeed a crucial skill that must be fostered in kids from a young age. For only when they are empathetic would they be in a position to decipher the viewpoint of others and react accordingly. It’s human nature to focus on how a student’s negative behavior takes time away from teaching and affects your classroom. When you are charged with managing behavior in addition to teaching content. it’s easy to overlook what’s happening with the student and focus on what’s happening to you as the teacher.

  • Respect

By simply teaching our little ones to be considerate enough for others’ feelings and opinions. We can imbue in them the characteristic of respect. Having said that, respect shouldn’t be merely towards teachers, parents, or the elders of the family. But also towards playmates and younger children. After all, everyone deserves respect. Isn’t it! JP International school, showing respect to staff and students. Encourages them to portray their own ideas by creating an open, comfortable environment. By showing respect in school, you can encourage kindness and honor. Instilling the worth and enhancing the self-esteem of every student.

  • Courage

Bravery or courage is not always a display of one’s physical strength. It is also about the path one takes. Hence, it is important that you don’t undermine your children. if they refuse to accept or follow what their predecessors opted for or what their peers pursue, just because it was/is safe. Instead, they must possess the resolution. The determination, and a strong will to go against the flow. There’s nothing wrong if they are unwilling to go with the crowd and rather stand for what they deem is correct.

  • Confidence

Having faith, belief, and conviction in self is what a confident child is all about. Such kids are so optimistic that they are never doubtful about attempting new quirks. As a result, they not only score decently in academics but also participate enthusiastically in all sorts of extra-curricular activities and come off with flying colors. Self-confidence enables students to handle setbacks with ease. Instead of being mutilated by failure, resilient children get up quickly, learn from their errors, and try again. They accept that failure is a part of life and take more cases as a result – which makes them even more thriving tardily in life.

  • Adaptability

We, at JP International School, have seen that children who have the characteristic of adaptability generally respond smoothly to the fluctuations and challenges thrown upon them by life. They are easy-going, hassle-free kids who know how to mold themselves up as per the situations. Our teachers have a collective accountability to prepare their students to  assume and adapt to challenge and change.

  • Curiosity

Curiosity instills something in the children, which experts term as the four’s, i.e. life-long-love-for-learning. A curious kid spends hours figuring different things out independently, be it playtime or study period. In the process, they seek, learn, discover, and understand infinite things, which come to their aid at different points in life.

In a nutshell, what we, at JP International School, regarded as the Top CBSE School in Greater Noida. Are trying to convey to our respectable parent fraternity and everyone reading this article is that while good grades have their own significance, it is not life! The fact is that life is a roller coaster ride.

Where if at one point their academic prowess helps them to rise. At the other, it would be the skills they hold that will help them shine. Thus, when it comes to prepping up your children for the future. It would be wise to focus on their holistic development rather than merely the scores. So, let’s come together and lay collaborated efforts towards preparing the young buds for life and not just classrooms!

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