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Potential Jobs You Can Get With Advanced Diploma Hospitality


A degree in hospitality management opens up a window of opportunities in one’s career. Following the completion of the advanced diploma in hospitality course, the way forward becomes simple and easy for degree holders. They get a chance to explore exciting job opportunities. People with this academic qualification are currently in high demand in Australia.

Hospitality management degree holders can work in many fields. The majority of them are directly related to the hospitality industry.

Are you planning to enrol in an advanced diploma in hospitality management program? If yes, then you have already made a great decision in your life. If you have completed a degree course in this discipline, here are the potential job opportunities that you can explore.

1. Accommodation manager

The job role of an accommodation manager is the perfect choice for you if you wish to run an accommodation establishment. Under it, so you will need to look after the daily management of the housing services offered by establishments. The client base of such establishments may range from students to older people and NHS patients.

Apart from supervising day-to-day operations, accommodation managers also have many other roles and responsibilities. For instance, they look after various processes and set policies. They also optimize expenses and maintain a budget on behalf of the establishments for which they work. This apart, thy also remain responsible for formulating strategies for growth.

As regards the formulation of strategies, you will encounter challenges in devising strategies according to the needs of the situation as things change quickly in this industry. So you would need t to adopt a flexible approach to chalk out versatile strategies.

2. Tourism manager

Not only does tourism contribute to the Australian economy but it also makes a sizeable contribution to the global economy. In the latter case, it contributes about 9 percent.

Hospitality management creates exciting job opportunities in conjunction with the tourism sector. After earning a degree in this field, you can explore the option of working as a tourism manager. It has a wider scope with four prominent career choices. These include cruise ships, hotels, destination management in consultancies and organisations, and tourist attractions. You can pick and choose your option from these choices based on your career objectives and aspirations.

As a tourism manager, you will get to work in different roles. These may range from managerial to marketing responsibilities. In addition, you can also choose the option of working in public relations under the job role of a tourism manager. It is for those who are adept at identifying creative solutions to deal with the current challenges in the tourism sector in Australia.

3. Luxury brand manager

Are you looking for a better job opportunity with a degree in hospitality management? If along with a degree, you also have promotional skills and business acumen, you are the right candidate to apply for a managerial position in luxury brand management. This career scope is for those who have a good understanding of different brand strategies and can analyze them well if necessary.

Markets keep changing from time to time. Because they are volatile by nature. This is precisely where you can make a big difference as a luxury brand manager. This job role will test your skills to make sharp business decisions amid changing financial situations in the markets.

Wondering whether or not you need to any specific course to learn this skill? There are specific chef training courses for it. Luxury brand management covers several fields. These include food, wine, cruises, spas, hotels, and cars.

4. Experience manager

For hospitality professionals, the experience economy has rewarding and excellent career choices. Prominent among them is the post of experience manager. So if you are passionate about doing something new, you will get to explore it and create a guest-focused experience in different fields as an experienced manager. The prominent fields linked with this job role include travel, fashion, sports, food, and the technology and gaming industry.

If you choose it as a career option, your primary responsibility will be to provide customised experiences to clients.

5. Executive chef or head chef

An individual can land a good job with a degree in advanced diploma in commercial cookery that is currently in demand. Yes, you have read it right; with this degree, you can become an executive chef. With time, as you gain experience in cooking different cuisines, you will be eligible to become a head chef.

If you are wondering why you should consider this career option, there are many reasons for it. To begin with, it is a great career option for those who are interested in different kinds of cuisines. If you belong to this category of individuals, but you might want to explore different flavours and add a lip-smacking flavour to different cuisines by using their ingredients creatively.

Also, the job role of a chef, or for the matter a head chef, has bright prospects. In the current scenario in which things are changing across the globe after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, certain jobs are becoming obsolete Becoming a chef is a safe option as the demand for food will grow further in the future. The demand for food is also likely to grow in Australia – a country with passionate foodies.

Final thoughts

Considering the above options, it stands out that earning a degree in hospitality management course can pay you dividends. With it at your disposal, you can explore the above-mentioned job opportunities. Choose the right course and get started for achieving success in both your academic and professional careers.

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