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People often find ways of earning money in a fun way! Here is a new idea for you. Play online money making games which are available to you on your smartphones. There are a variety of games that can seem to be interesting for you. Real money gaming apps have made a trend in society, and people are much more inclined towards it now. All you need is to play some of the casual games and make money from them. Not only casual games but there is a new well-known trend of fantasy cricket app in India now. Playing fantasy sports has made a lot of people obsessed with this idea. Apart from cricket, there are other fantasy sports as well which you can enjoy. Play on any new fantasy app to win big. 

We are listing some of the real money gaming apps for you. 

Come along and participate in any of your favourite casual games on the Dangal games app. A hub of casual games is available on the app, which you are free to play. Gaming is much more fun when it gives out money. You need to register on the app to start your online gaming path. Games like 8 ball pool, call break, rummy, ludo, and carom are all available so that you can make money and have fun with all of them. 

The Dangal games have a unique basic feature of letting the newbies come to play. They can also play in the practice matches without any money included. 

Download the app, register your account and play any of the game you want. Don’t forget to sign-up and get all the special bonuses from there. 


This app is very similar to the Swagbucks app in many ways, which you can see yourself. It gives you so many simple ways by which you can make money online. Your simple tasks would generate money prizes for you. You can fill out surveys for various companies and help them grow, and in return, these companies would give you points or cash in some of the other ways, you have to look for the best companies that can help you to move forward with these tasks. 

You can download the app and start your login process to move ahead. 


Come and play on the most trusted fantasy cricket app. You can find some of the most unique features on it and can have a good time playing on it. Help yourself and play the most amazing fantasy cricket app. You will find multiple tournaments and leagues going on, which you can play. Also, you can make various teams to double your earnings with that. This app lets you play with the most smooth experience, have quick withdrawals, use 24*7 customer support, live opponents, etc. Download the app now from the official website of the fantasy dangal and make your team showcase your talent with some special audience as well. 


Rummy fans have their own destination now! Play rummy on this app and have a chance to win daily rewards with it. It offers a world-class experience to its users who love to play rummy online. You should definitely experience the fun and thrill with the app and have the most fantastic time playing rummy. There are so many referral bonus points and points to win with this app. You should learn rummy if you are new to the game and then play cash leagues if you want to. The app offers you to play rummy and earn points with the same. There are multi-table tournaments as well, with which you can earn some big rewards. Download the app now to win big. 

  • MYTEAM11

Come and be a part of a fantasy cricket app that is ready to give you a great playing experience and some expertise with the game. There are so many active users already who are a part of this fantasy cricket app. You can also download the app and make your real money now with this app. Score big and win big is the motto! Don’t forget to earn with the referrals you are giving for the app. The fantasy cricket app shall benefit from some simple yet important features, which the app promises. 

So, download the app now to be a part of daily tournaments and leagues. 


Here are some of the real money apps that can support you and provide you with a fun time. You should be able to play in order to make big winnings with the fantasy cricket app or any other real money gaming app. A lot of the audience is already associated with these games, and you can play them too! New fantasy app carries a lot of users where competition is still less, and you can play on them and have a chance to win big daily.