PIA Decides To Operate Extra Flights For UK Travel


If you are a migrant from the United Kingdom, then now it’s the best time to book PIA online flights before the country goes on the red list.

As you might already know that Pakistan is under the third yet the deadliest wave of COVID-19. The country is in lockdown yet again, and people who came to Pakistan from the United Kingdom fear being stuck. That’s because the United Kingdom has issued a new list of countries that will be in the red zone. Moreover, people from these countries will not enter the United Kingdom until the country is removed from the red list. But today, we have come up with the news that might help you get back to the United Kingdom to continue with your life. Keep on reading to find out.

How can the Extra PIA Flights Help You?

PIA has just announced that it will operate extra flights to the United Kingdom. It will allow the people to take Flight to London who came to Pakistan on Easter and Good Friday. Not only will it help them to get back to the United Kingdom to continue with their lives. But it will also help the carriers to increases their seat count. Which has been driven down due to the global pandemic. That’s because of the reason that the government of the United Kingdom has issued a red list with several counties on it. Now this time, the following countries are added to that red list that is as follows:

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya
  • Philippines

What Does the Red List Mean?

The Red list means that people from these countries cannot enter the United Kingdom. But there is an exception for those people who are either British or Irish Nationals. The red list ban will take effect on 9th April 2021. And you can go for your PIA online flights before that. Now, because of the addition of extra flights, you will probably get the ticket. It’s a great step by the national carrier of Pakistan that will help tens of thousands of migrants who came to visit Pakistan.

PIA Announcement

Mr Abdullah Hafeez Khan, the spokesperson of Pakistan International Airlines, said that the PIA has decided on extra flights before the 9th April 2021 deadline. It’s for the people who want to take flights to London immediately but could not get them because of the abundance of travellers. He also said that thousands of migrants came to visit Pakistan in Easter of Good Friday holidays from the United Kingdom. But they were stuck here as their return became a very challenging and difficult task.

He added that because of the government of the United Kingdom’s decision, airlines other than Pakistanis have started charging people astronomical fares, which is impossible for everyone to afford. But now the national carrier for the passengers’ convenience is going to extra flights. Now there will be five different flights that will depart from 4th April to 9th April 2021 to the United Kingdom, on which people can take their flights to London.

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