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Today’s women are more comfortable in their beachwear than ever before with the variety of styles and fabrics that you can find for your next tropical adventure. Women’s boardshorts are the perfect balance between casual and chic, being both attractive and appropriate for different occasions, from playing a round at the local golf course to getting drinks at the poolside bar during happy hour and of course the beach. 

Women board shorts bring a lot of functional benefits to the table which makes them unparalleled in beachwear. Today we will be discussing how women’s boardshorts have completely changed the beach fashion scene. Women’s board shorts have become both a fashion and functional statement for women who love to go out for a splash.

We already know that women’s shorts are now totally acceptable on any beach, but why are they so special? Well, they are very comfortable, fit snugly, and come in a variety of stylish patterns and designs. In fact, white board shorts have become a summer staple. 

Women’s board shorts are mostly designed to be worn while surfing or swimming. They are tailored to hug the leg closely, with a small elastic waistband that keeps the shorts secure while surfing. Additionally, there are traditionally made from quick-drying fabrics which make them optimal for the water.

Women’s cut is also a little bit shorter than men’s, as most women do not want their shorts to go long past their knees. This also holds true for women’s long board shorts. Many women prefer something with flair and style, which is why many fashion brands have created board shorts and swimwear designs that have patterns and other eye-catching designs.

One thing is for sure: women’s beachwear is different from any other type of clothing you might be wearing. The fit? Totally different. The material, too. Take the material, for instance. Some of the best and most premium boardshorts come in high-quality nylon materials which are not only durable but also fast drying with antimicrobial properties. 

Available in a huge range of colors and prints, women can wear them for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a pool party or to the beach, or even going on vacation; find your perfect pair. Brands nowadays feature limited edition shorts, complete with patchwork, enriched with deep ink colors, and cuts that really flatter your body. As they say, it’s all about finding the right one!

Women’s board shorts are very fashionable, and they are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realize the benefits of these boardshorts. You can wear them on a daily basis, and they look great when you do so. 

Styling Women’s Boardshorts

Try some new looks for these must-have swim shorts this season and see how you can balance comfort and class with your board shorts. There are many ways you can style your new boardies. It all comes down to the look that you want to rock. You can keep things casual and comfortable, or style a stylish, chic look that can also be activewear. With a blank canvas in front of you, it’s up to you how to fill it with colors and prints. Here are some ideas for how to do so.

Casual and Comfortable: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion when wearing women’s long board shorts this season! Try layering your favorite tank top under your new boardies for an effortless look. A tank top paired with board shorts makes a timeless combination. Ankle boots are an easy, stylish addition to any outfit. Add a few rings or bracelets to highlight your beautiful hands. This look is casual, comfortable, and sassy and is perfect to grab drinks by the beachside with your friends. 

Stylish and Active: Get active with a stylish look! Sleeveless tee and white board shorts are great for hot weather days. You can also opt for a monochromatic look and pair light blue shorts with a light blue polo shirt. Add your favorite pair of sneakers, sunglasses, and a simple fitness band to complete the look in style. Pastel-colored looks featuring boardshorts blend really for an outfit with plenty of beach vibes. 

Off The Beaten Path: Go off the beaten path with brightly colored floral printed shorts! Bright, bold colors are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. If you’re not a fan of patterned shorts, you can opt for bright ones in reds and deep pinks that really add the perfect pop of color!

Take your pick with these ideas to see which look is best for you! Women’s boardshorts will definitely be the most stylish addition to your closet this season. Don’t hesitate in getting yourself the ones that are perfect for you. 

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