Online Consultation For Needy Patients During Pandemic

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If you are suffering from any illness or symptoms, you visit a doctor. The doctor examines the patient and prescribes medicine to the patient. If the symptoms are severe, the doctor recommends blood tests to assess the severity of the illness. Based upon the diagnosis, they recommend treatment or medications to the patients. You usually call the doctor over the call for an appointment. The doctor or assistants specify a day and a time for a visit. Then, you visit the doctor on the selected date, and the doctor examines you. Today, many people are not able to see doctors due to the pandemic situation. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, then the doctors do online chat doctor free help.

Doctors and teleconsultation for COVID

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, runny nose, etc., do not feel panicked. You can call doctors online and seek help. Many doctors across the globe are providing online services to patients. Today, many hospitals do not admit patients are suffering from mild or moderate illness. They recommend 14-days quarantine to the patients for self-help. Many people are suffering from these symptoms, and hence beds are not available for every patient. The hospitals should offer oxygen to the patients severely suffering from COVID symptoms. So, they are providing teleconsultation services to patients suffering from COVID.

The process of availing services 

The patients should download applications and seek appointment. They provide consultation online and supply kits to the patient to check their status. So, they can check if they are suffering from COVID. They can also interact with the health forums online to clarify doubts about their health. If you are suffering from any symptom, then the blood sample is collected from home. The doctors review the health records electronically and check the medical history of the patients. Based upon the health records and blood samples, they prescribe medicine to the patients. The medications are delivered to the patients at home. So, the patients can avail treatment at home only. You can do an online chat doctor for free help to know your health status.

People who are home-quarantined 

So, the doctors provide home quarantine packages to patients suffering from mild to moderate illness. So, if you are experiencing any mild symptom, then you can call doctor for a free consultation. The people who are suffering from COVID but yet are seeking treatment at home should follow some tips. The other family members should not be affected.

They should stay in a separate room for 14 days and use their utensils. The room should be well-ventilated, so they are not deprived of fresh oxygen. They should constantly monitor their oxygen level. The patients are also provided with kits such as pulse oximetry to examine the oxygen saturation. If you have any doubt, then you can always call doctor for fee consultation.

When to seek medical help?

The person should constantly check the oxygen level, and if he is continually experiencing a breathlessness problem, he should be admitted to the hospital. Today, patients who are severely experiencing pain are accepted into the hospital.

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