Merge PST Tool For a Convenient Merging of The PST Files


To combine Outlook PST files, users can try manual methods or choose professional conversion methods. We will discuss these two methods and why users need to merge Outlook PST files. And how to merge Outlook PST files easily?


Why should I merge?

If users want to keep all their social, work, and personal data, they need to consolidate their Outlook data. Or, if you supplement the website with newly created data, you’ll need to integrate Outlook data as well. Therefore, the user needs to consolidate Outlook data.

About the Merge PST tool

This amazing Merge PST application allows users to merge Outlook PST files safely and securely. All kinds of obstacles that users encounter while assembling files are tested programs that work. Any type of binding is not the tool to use this amazing PST integration tool. If a user wants the correct result of merging her PST files, the user can use this amazing PST merge tool. This app always provides users with accurate results. Additionally, the application maintains application merging and always delivers the desired results. An app is a specific application available to users. All Outlook PST files can be processed with this amazing tool. The user can create a new folder or save the merged files in an existing folder. The compatibility of the app is great and users can use this tool on any version of the Windows operating system. Direct merging of Outlook PST files is done with this amazing application. All novice users can consolidate Outlook PST files as the app offers an easy-to-use interface.

What are the steps to merge the PST file using the Merge PST tool?

For merging your Outlook PST files using this Merge PST tool follow the below-provided steps:

  • Install the Merge PST tool in your Windows Operating System
  • Launch the app
  • Now, select the Outlook data you want to merge
  • Preview those files
  • Browse the Outlook data storage compiled
  • Finally, click the “Merge Now” button.

Users can easily track the conversion of Outlook PST files with this amazing tool. There are no obstacles in the way of the user. Good screenshots of these steps are also provided.

Why Use This Tool?

Users Must Use This Amazing PST Merge Application. Here’s why.

  • It is an advanced tool for merging Outlook data
  • Performs instant merge
  • The tool merges all Outlook data in one step
  • The tool provides advanced functionality Per user Features
  • Fast file merging
  • No user hurdles
  • No data loss

The manual approach of merging

To manually merging your Outlook data follow the below-provided steps:

Firstly, create a new PST file

  • At first, download the MS Outlook application and launch the tool
  • Then from the home tab choose the new items
  • Right-click on the more items and then choose the Outlook Data file
  • Locate the path to save your merged Outlook files and then right-click on the OK button

By following these steps, a user will be able to create a new PST file

Then, import the old Outlook data into new Outlook data

  • Now, open the Outlook file
  • Right-click on the “File “tab
  • Now, choose the Open and export button and then select the Import/Export button
  • After that, select the Import from another program or file
  • Click on the “Next” button
  • Choose the Outlook data file (.pst) and then right-click on the “Next” button
  • Now choose the Outlook PST file that you want to import and then right-click on the “next” button
  • Now, select the folder that you wish to import
  • Right-click on the “Finish” button

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Manual Method

The manual method has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at these:


It’s a free conversion method


  • High chance of data loss
  • Does not provide accuracy
  • Does not provide immediate results
  • High chance of data loss Manual Using approaches
  • Complicated way to merge Outlook files


Some Features of the Tool

Here are the features of the Merge PST tool are listed below.

  • Excellent Accuracy:-This amazing PST merger application provides excellent accuracy. File integrity remains unchanged, so users get sane results every time. No data loss is faced by a user while following the merging process.
  • Standalone Application:-This PST Merger tool is an overall standalone application available to users. Users do not need to rely on other applications to perform PST file merging. It is an independent tool a user can use.
  • Null error:-There are no user-facing errors while merging Outlook PST files. Healthy results are delivered to users every time they use this amazing tool.
  • Direct Merge:-Save time by direct merging all your Outlook data. This saves users a lot of time. No hurdle is faced by a user while following the merging task.
  • Custom save:-Allows users to save the combined Outlook PST file wherever they want. Easily merge all Outlook PST files with one click. In any of the locations on the PC, a user can save their merged PST file.
  • Easy to operate:-Users can easily work with this advanced Merge PST tool as the app is an easy platform for the merging of PST files. The app provides a great user interface for a convenient merging of PST files.
  • Retains the quality:-The files are maintained as it is by the tool. The files are saved as it is by this advanced Merge PST tool.

These are some of the advanced features that are provided by the advanced Softaken Merge PST tool.

Final Verdict

This blog provides information about the merging of PST files. A user can go through any of the above-discussed methods in order to merge their PST files. It is all up to the users to select their choice method.