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As cannabidiol products are legalized only in some states, it has paved the path to federal rules and regulations, irrespective of their growing dependency on CBD products. Child-resistant (C-R) packaging is also one of these requirements and regulations, which must be abiding by the manufacturers and producers of CBD products. These regulations determine the requirements and tests valid for C-R packaging. Child resistant (C-R) Cartridge Packaging is one of them. Many cannabidiol products, including certain drugs like marijuana and vape cartridges, must be packaged in safe, child-resistant custom CBD packaging.

C-R packaging is necessary because it prevents the child from getting unintended poisoning. That is why manufacturers and producers focus on the best CBD packaging, which is child resistant oriented. This packaging involves some tricks which are difficult for an infant to handle and open. But on the other hand, it needs to be user friendly for adult users to open. The following article entails why safe childproof cartridge packaging is required and how it can stand out in the market.

Why Is Childproof Safe Packaging Significant?

It is essential for any packaging to have childproof features if it has potential risks of harming the children. We all know toddlers are in their learning phase, and they touch and hold even put the stuff around them in their mouths with curiosity. That is why they have a high potential risk of getting poisoned easily. So, Childproof custom CBD packaging is equally important for consumers and manufacturers.

Significance of C-R Cartridge Packaging for Consumers:

From labelling to the presence on retail shelf packaging builds a strong impression on consumers. C-R custom CBD packaging is also important from the customer point of view. Little kids are more likely to play and postmortem with important stuff from parents, sometimes CBD products, due to their utmost desire to know. Also, they spoil the products due to their curiosity. Vape cartridges have e-liquid, composed of certain chemicals that can be dangerous to your child’s health. So, consumers prefer to buy those brands that have sturdy packaging and childproof features. So, to ensure safety, cartridge manufacturers introduce child resistant locks and caps into their cartridge packaging.

Significance of C-R Cartridge Packaging for Manufacturers:

C-R cartridge packaging is also very important from the manufacturer’s point of view because it stands out from the competitors and keeps you safe from any liability regarding the dangers associated with your packaging.

How Can Childproof Cartridge Packaging be Done?


It is the skill of performing the task, usually with hands. Usually, toddlers have fewer motor skills and talent, but they can open, turn and push containers. So, vape cartridges must be difficult regarding the closure and opening mechanism of caps and locks. Custom Packaging for Small Business should be complex and difficult enough that toddlers cannot understand them to open them easily. But at the same time, they need to be user friendly that actual consumers can use them without any difficulty.

Avoid Visual Aids:

Usually, vape cartridges have user manuals with visual aids or graphics. These visual aids help the consumers teach them about their products’ proper handling and opening. Toddlers are in their learning phase and are visually intelligent. So, they easily get understood by the pictorial description shown in the user manual. Hence, cartridge packaging must replace pictorial descriptions with text instructions in the user manuals. Or they can use complex visual cues that are unrecognizable and are not alluring to toddlers.

Increasing the Packaging Size:

By increasing the size of the cartridge packaging, you can make it childproof. Large packaging requires a larger force to open it. Small containers have caps that are twisted easily. For example, if you make a cap lock of a product in a smaller size, it requires less force to open. And it will be easier for the toddler to open it. Still, it is impossible to open if it is larger and requires more force, even for an adult than for a toddler.

Adding Partitions to Vape Cartridge Boxes:

Custom packaging for small businesses prefers those Vape cartridge boxes with partition inserts and packaging for extra protection and durability. These paddings save the cartridges from physical damage and leakage. Also, it resists moisture.

Put Your Packaging to the Test:

Put your packaging and its closure mechanism to the test to make it safer. To stay compliant with regulations and requirements, you can take a routine test of your cartridge packaging by placing them in front of toddlers. You can ask them to open them with their teeth. You can observe the groups of toddlers in ten minutes time frame while opening the custom CBD packaging. The more difficult the opening for them, the perfect will be your product in terms of childproofing. It is pertinent to mention here that not more than 200 children can perform the test. Also, you can test your packaging by ISO standardization and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Unit Dose Packaging:

To make your cartridge childproof, you can make your cartridge puffing to the unit or single-dose packaging because the single-dose format will allow less wastage of e-liquid if any toddler mishandles it.

Find a C-R Packaging Partner:

Choose a C-R packaging partner who can provide you with certified packaging solutions to ease your mind. OBT packaging provides eco-friendly, tried and tested child-resistant vape cartridge boxes which are sturdy and durable to keep cartridge tubes safe.

Unique and Stylish Designs:

Like any other Custom CBD packaging, C-R cartridge packaging also needs to be stylish and creative in its designs to gain consumers’ attention on the retail shelf. Use sophisticated yet stylish packaging to allure your target customers. Avoid using bright colors in your packaging as it attracts the toddlers most. Also, Custom vape boxes must fulfil labelling requirements in potency, testing claims, cannabis edible regulations, child-resistant packaging trends and child-resistant packaging regulations. Customers prefer brands that are transparent and have complete information in terms of nutrients used in products and QR law information. Abiding labelling requirement makes them reliable. Hence brands credibility increases.

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