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Maintain A Healthy Work Life Balance By Chat Messenger App


Some people don’t just think, but believe that you have to become a workaholic to show your dedication to your profession. And such people are willing to sacrifice their family life to prove their worth at work. However, this can often backfire since the boss might think they’re sitting till late at the office because they don’t have a life outside work. Their seniors and colleagues might even start dumping extra work on them. And there’s no guarantee they’ll get an increment for the extra hours they put in.

Use your chat messenger app to get inspiration from people leading their personal and professional lives successfully. NEEO Messenger is a chatting app that helps you connect with people from different parts of the world. Working hard is important but being disciplined with your time is just as important. Given below are some of the ways you can maintain a healthy work-life balance:

  1. Move around during meetings:

Attending back-to-back virtual meetings can get very stressful. But if you know beforehand you’re going to have a busy day, you have time to make arrangements. Make your space as comfortable as possible if you’re working from home. Keep snacks near you since you won’t be able to take lunch or tea breaks during meetings. Sit on a comfortable chair so you don’t strain your neck and shoulder muscles. But if you still feel a hint of stress, go outside for a breath of fresh air before the next meeting starts.

  1. Divide your tasks:

Multitasking is a requirement for most jobs but one that gets stressful a lot of times. If you can help it, divide your tasks and work on them step by step. When you’re checking e-mails, keep your phone away for a while. Respond to messages once you’ve checked your e-mails for the day. Create a checklist for your tasks, and keep ticking the ones you manage to complete. Start by working on the more urgent tasks, gradually moving to the less urgent ones.

  1. Pack up on time:

You have to meet deadlines at work, but all tasks don’t require immediate attention. Some offices stay open till late at night, but you needn’t get influenced by that culture. Let your bosses and colleagues know that you have commitments aside from work. No one should make you feel guilty for leaving early, on the contrary, they should feel guilty if they expect you to sit beyond working hours.

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  1. Socialize with colleagues:

If you’re working from home, you don’t get to socialize with colleagues very often other than by text or call. Work-related meetings are generally very formal and they won’t help you bond with your colleagues. Keep a day in the week when you can all sit and eat together, in a space where everyone can relax. Bonding with colleagues outside will improve teamwork and help you be more productive.

  1. Take a vacation every few months:

Keep a chunk of your salary on the side for traveling. Connect with your friends via your chat messenger app, to get recommendations for fun travel destinations. Take your family on vacation every few months, or travel with friends if you’re still single. And while you’re traveling, try not to think about work. Traveling takes a load off your chest and gives you an energy boost. It revitalizes your mind, body, and soul and you get back to work feeling motivated.

  1. Go to the gym daily:

You’re well aware that exercise helps keep the mind and body healthy but still you find yourself unable to make time for exercise. Even when you have the time you don’t feel motivated enough to work out on your own. In such a situation it’s best to find a friend or ask your partner to go to the gym with you. This way you’ll get to spend time with your friend or partner while doing something productive together.

  1. Find a job that fits your interest:

When you’re desperate for a source of income, you take the first job you get without hesitation. But once things get settled and you have some money in your piggy bank, you should think of more suitable options. Find a job that you enjoy doing, one that also helps you generate sufficient income. Use your chatting app to make friends online and talk to them about your aspirations. Ask them to inform you if they come across any job options that match your interests.

Running your own business, as opposed to working for someone else, inevitably demands more time and effort. But even then you can maintain a healthy work-life balance by creating a timetable and following it strictly. Add exercise and family time to your schedule before everything else. NEEO Messenger is a chat messenger app that helps you stay in touch with your loved ones with its Instant Messaging and HD Calling features. You can connect with four people simultaneously using this chatting app.

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