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The festive season is around the corner and that calls for a shopping spree. The spirit of Ramadan and Eid is that of gratefulness and togetherness. Therefore, the blessed month and occasions must be celebrated in the best of ways. Keeping that in view, Pakistani designers and clothing brands are giving special attention to Ramadan outfits and other semi formal women clothing. You’ll find a great variety of designs in Ramadan dresses and Eid dresses in fashion stores during the forthcoming months. So gear up for some exciting festive clothing shopping. You shouldn’t delay it for anything. 

Ramadan dresses

Unstitched & Stitched Semi Formal Dresses

Online shopping has become easier than ever before. Whether you prefer unstitched Pakistani lawn dresses or ready-to-wear Indian traditional dresses, everything is now available on the web, at the touch of a button. You can browse through the fresh arrivals to explore the latest fashion trends and then choose the design, color, and/or cut that suits your body and personality the best. For that, you need to take into account your body shape, height, skin tone, and of course personal choice and style. If you find something suitable in pret, that’s great. But if you don’t, there is no need to worry. You can pick and choose from the unstitched fabric variety and make up your own unique outfit. The options are endless!

Ramadan dresses

What’s In This Festive Season

The craze for designer lawn dresses is not dying anytime soon, the reason being there is so much you can do with them. Add some nice pattis and delicate laces to decorate the outfit, put on some accessories like a nice necklace, bracelet and a matching bag, wear a stylish pair of stilettos and you’re good to go. Contrary to what many may think, it’s not so difficult to make up a fashionable semi formal attire. All you need to do is take some interest and invest in the right things to get that perfect look.

Ramadan dresses

Medium-length shirts with cigarette pants are trending this festive clothes season. Culottes are also very popular these days. Besides, you will find ample digital prints both in stitched as well as unstitched lawn dresses. Dresses with Moghul style embroidery are available in a wide variety; they are ideal as festival outfits. Other than grand iftar parties and Eid get-togethers, you can also wear them later at semi-formal events like dholkis and engagement parties. That’s the best part of semi formal attire for women; it works in so many places and occasions. 

In terms of colors, bright yellow, pink and purple shades, as well as rose red and maroon, are in fashion nowadays. Since both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha fall in summer, it’s best to go for refreshing and bright colors. 

Ramadan dresses

When it comes to fabrics, velvet is still very much in. But try to avoid wearing dresses that are entirely in velvet; you might feel hot in them. You can instead go for pure chiffon suits and/or lawn dresses and then enhance them according to your own individual style. Chiffon dresses give a flowy look and feel which is very apt for summer wear. When you accessorize it with jewelry, bags, and shoes, the appeal of chiffon dresses goes up a notch. 

White Remains as Iconic as Ever

White women’s dresses remain a timeless classic. If you’re of the opinion that white is too boring or simple, think again. You can play with so many different textures even in your all-white look. From laces to beads to embroidery, there is so much you can do with and on white. Women kurta is an all-time favorite among females of all generations. It is something that women find very easy to carry and fun to accentuate. However, if you still think white is too plain for festive clothing, you can always pep up your look with a nice multi-colored dupatta. 


Ramadan and Eid shopping is in full swing. People from all over the country are heading to malls and visiting online stores with friends and family. Top festive clothing brands like Khaadi are offering some of the most unique designs, color combinations, and cuts. Explore the latest collections now so that you have plenty of time to narrow down your choices and purchase your dresses. If you intend to buy unstitched suits and have them tailored according to the style you have in mind, you must hurry up. Tailors are super busy during and around Ramadan and Eid days. You wouldn’t want to get your special festive clothing messed up at the last moment. So come on and hit the online stores now. It’s time to shop your heart out, dress up and celebrate the holy month and Eids together with loved ones. Make the most of it. 

Investigate the most recent assortments now with the goal that you have a lot of opportunity to limit your decisions and buy your dresses. Assuming that you expect to purchase unstitched suits and have them custom fitted as per the style you have at the top of the priority list, you should pick up the pace. Tailors are really occupied with during and around Ramadan and Eid days. You would have no desire to get your exceptional happy attire screwed up without a second to spare. So come on and hit the internet based stores now. Now is the right time to shop your heart out, spruce up and commend the sacred month and Eids along with friends and family. Capitalize on it.

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