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Detectives can help you with infidelity proof, child custody issues, income/financial/asset facts for maintenance/alimony claims, medical records, bigamy, previous divorce documents, and other divorce investigations.

A spouse may try to hide assets to avoid having to split them. A detective can analyze a spouse’s finances as part of a divorce investigation and uncover hidden assets like bank accounts, unreported income, hidden/undisclosed assets, and more. In most situations that are ultimately presented in court, obtaining evidence of gainful employment is essential. The evidence, as well as the investigative report, is admissible in court.

Investigations into child custody and visitation are frequently the most complicated aspects of a divorce or custody dispute. When deciding on a minor’s custody, the court is guided by one standard: the child’s most compelling advantageous interests. During a child custody and visitation investigation, the detective will gather evidence to back up the facts.

You must prove to the court that your estranged spouse is unfit to care for the child. This means that he or she would not offer a safe, healthy, stable, and pleasant living environment for your child to protect him or her. Allow us to conduct a quiet, personal investigation. This will provide objective evidence that you or your client is the parent whose custody and care are in the child’s highest interests.

How Do Divorce Investigation Services Work?

When it comes to filing a case with us, we follow a specific procedure. Please contact us via email or phone. However, a physical visit would be greatly appreciated in any case. After you give us a brief description of your issue, we can schedule a meeting. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep your identity hidden, we can work in a way that is both efficient for us and comfortable for you.

After you’ve given us the details, we’ll ask our divorce investigators to create a blueprint based on the facts you’ve provided us. After you’ve given us the details, we’ll ask our divorce investigators to create a blueprint based on the facts you’ve provided us. 

When you inquire about just a suspect, you must provide accurate and legal information; otherwise, the case may proceed incorrectly and your request will be denied. The worst-case scenario is the victim’s misrepresentation of the case.

Do Detective also assist with child custody as part of your divorce case investigation service?

We work on everything that falls within the category of divorce case investigative services. If your partner is cheating on you, we will make certain that they are exposed and that you receive your divorce rights. However, we do not interfere with the court’s or Indian law’s legal procedures. Detective Agency in Delhi can certainly assist you in obtaining documents and proof that will strengthen your case.

We can uncover your partner’s financial situation so they can’t lie about it in court and avoid paying alimony. We know that many women and men work in reputable organizations and make lots of money, but no one wants to take on responsibilities. They lie about their marital status to avoid having to support their children after the divorce. Parents that do this to their children are cruel, but they do it nevertheless.

We have examples where the husband is willing to pay alimony, but the woman demands an exorbitant sum, with their child as the primary beneficiary. In our divorce investigations, we have assisted both men and women equally.  When their parents split, their academics, behavior, and personal lives undergo significant adjustments. Some resort to violence, inflicting harm on others as well as themselves, while others wallow in an aloof world, abandoning themselves.

Parents must look after their children during the divorce process; they must ensure that everything is adequately communicated and understood by the children. Teenage is the most nuanced and gentle age; it is the time when children form opinions, start believing in a few things, develop habits and hobbies, and develop moral standards. You must not jeopardize their adolescent lives at any cost. 

What exactly does your divorce case investigation service entail?

There are millions of questions and worries that people have when they decide to divorce. Usually, this happens to the innocent one, the one who doesn’t give a damn about their partner. They are only concerned with getting a divorce at the end of the day. 

  • Did they make a mistake?
  • Did they push their lover away on their own?

What if they weren’t suitable for their partner?

People start blaming themselves, ignoring the fact that their partner has become careless and callous. They believe their behavior and actions are to blame for the divorce, so they avoid doing what their partner does.

We do a thorough examination of your relationship in terms of

  • Information about the individual
  • Relationships
  • A drug abuser
  • Test of loyalty
  • Monetary matters
  • Physical well-being

Many people keep their financial situations secret from their spouses. As the divorce date approaches, they withdraw, claiming they don’t have enough money to support their children or pay alimony to their partner. Furthermore, we find obscenely wealthy individuals who need money to settle a lawsuit or even pay alimony, which only exacerbates the problem. Most well-known detective agency in Bangalore. We solve cases all across the world, ensuring that our clients receive the justice and truth they deserve.

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