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Getting your builders license in Victoria will open up heaps of chances. It can assist you with finding a decent line of work and assuming it intrigues you-become a manager or goes into business.

In order to advance one’s career in Building and Construction, one needs to understand that 70% of it is experience plus education. If an ambitious builder lacks these two, then it becomes quite difficult to further yourself as a builder in places like Victoria in Australia. 

Getting a builders’ license is not as easy as it might seem on paper. There are certain requirements that you must match, and only then your builder’s license will be issued.

RTOs offer Courses that can give you the capability through contemplating to acquire Certificates I, II, III, and IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and other Certificate and Diploma Courses. At times, these associations get funding and benefits from the Victorian Governments which can offer funding opportunities to students for cheaper education.

Assuming you’ve known about somebody doing, or you are doing a Free Certificate IV Course or a Free Diploma in Building and Construction Course then it’s a certain bet that the Victorian Government is giving out cash to RTOs which they then, at that point, which they then offer to you as low-cost training. What do I need to become registered? To save you time and help with the process, we’ve put together this handy guide.

How to Become a builder?

If you are someone who is interested in building and creating a lasting impact, becoming a builder will give you what you need. It will give you the right opportunities where you can oversee either commercial or residential construction projects. 

As a builder also you can gain specialization in your area of interest by building certain types of buildings or houses. Staple services that you will have to offer as a builder include designing floor plans and laying foundations. Moreover, if you are aiming to become a one-stop solution then you can also think about offering HVAC services, framing and carpenter services, and more. It is as interesting and diverse as it gets. We will see in the later paragraphs what it is that a builder does precisely.

What Do I Need to Get my Builders’ License?

It is highly advisable to consider getting a degree in construction management or similar programs. In doing so, you are not only speeding up the process but also getting formal education. If not for the time, you should consider doing a diploma of property management course, which is of relatively short duration.

A certificate IV in building and construction is nationally recognized and will help you grow your career as a construction manager. It is not just theoretical, but also involves practical coursework. It also makes you eligible to apply for a builders’ license in Victoria.

If you are looking for a short answer, then no. A diploma or a certificate IV is not necessary as per the VBA if you have relevant hands-on experience. In that case, not much is needed. But consider the points to make sure you get your license on the very first attempt.

Moreover, it is necessary to be in the know that there are several types of building licenses. You are to take a state licensing exam and register with the VBA.

Registration With the VBA

Building licenses and related documents are managed by the VBA (Victorian Building Authority). The same is the case for restumping or demolition, no matter the cost. 

VBA assesses whether you are eligible for a license or not. You definitely need:

  • At least 3 years of experience in your relevant field
  • Fully completed application having the necessary evidence and documents supporting your experience

Roles and Responsibilities of a Builder

Being a builder needs leadership skills. Moreover, it is also helpful in interviewing and hiring contractors. A builder is the one calculating quotes for the clients.

A builder has huge responsibility and ownership and resultantly needs to oversee the inspections. 

Additionally, coordinating with the architects and ordering and distributing supplies comes under the roles and responsibilities of a builder.

Step by step instructions to Get a Builders License in Victoria

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