Learn About Divine Dharamshala Tour – Meet The Nature And God

Learn About Divine Dharamshala Tour – Meet The Nature And God


Dharamshala is a beautiful hill station that has gained fame amongst passionate tourists, particularly across North India. The place has prospered as a quiet and trendy health resort after its modernization. Located at a distance of 17 km just northeast of the Kangra town, it is an attractive town located in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is best popular for its natural beauty among the tourists and locals who visit the small hill town to find a break from their chaotic life. Prepare yourself for the Dharamshala tour and make your weekend unforgettable.

Dharamshala is simply accessible through all special transport modes. There is no airport in Dharamshala but the nearest airport is simply 14km away in Gaggal. By road, you can easily travel from Gaggal to Dharamshala. From Pathankot, there is a small gauge railway line to Kangra. It is simply 17km away from Dharamshala. The finest means to reach Dharamshala is surely by road while enjoying the calm natural beauty of Himachal on the method. From Main cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla you can easily reach Dharamshala by regular bus service.

Look for the Dharamshala holiday package as travel agents offer them online according to the budget of the tourists. Just share the journey details with the team and start packing your bag. You will surely enjoy something special in the middle of nature and god. Booking in advance will promise benefits and money savings.

Places To Visit And Discover In Dharamshala

  • Kangra Art Museum

In 1990, it is inaugurated as The Kangra Art Gallery. It has an amazing collection of artifacts, arts, costumes, crafts, and treasures. The belongings here are related to the history of Tibet.

  • Nurpur Fort & Kangra Fort 

These forts are located at the same distance from Dharamshala. Due to the earthquake that happened in 1905; Kangra Fort is now completely ruined. However, the beauty of the place is maintained by amazing sight views from the terrace and the Darwazahs. Nurpur Fort is even called Dhameri which is attractive antiquity, although virtually tarnished by the time of sands.

  • Dal Lake

This lake is located near Dharamshala is the essence of nature’s divinity. It gets its name after Kashmir’s Dal Lake. Surely, one of the most attractive creations to have presented in Himachal Pradesh, it’s a usually quiet and serene place covered by Deodar forests, which just inserts to the magic. A perfect spot for a picnic, here, you can enjoy amazing activities such as boating and is the beginning point of the majority of the treks.

  • Trekking & Hiking 

Dense forests, terrains, and dense forests, are words that can provide adventurous lovers a rush and Dharamshala provides them all three. Starting from pleasant to easy treks to high nerve-testing conditions, one can discover everything to boost the adrenaline. Treks to Triund, Bhagsu Falls, and Indrahar are famous in between hikers and trekkers.

  • Chamunda Devi Temple

Not just having special religious significance, the natural surrounding area of Chamunda Devi Temple turns it a good choice. Situated at an altitude of 1000 meters on the bank of Ban Ganga, the background of the temple are the overwhelming Dhauladhar Waterfalls, and magnificent sights of several pilgrimages, shrines, and forests are the main points of the temple.

  • Rock Climbing

If you’re a level curve ahead, the option of rock climbing is made for you! The sessions of mountaineering can go from challenging to grueling as you try to overcome the strong Himalayas in the territories of Dharamshala – Nayagroeon. Here, you can easily make new friends by enjoying special thrill and dedication. 

  • Fishing

Since there are lots of water bodies exists in the small rivers and streams in Dharamshala, it allows the tourists to get indulge in various fishing and angling. In the last few years, angling and fishing have turned and angling has turned quite esteemed here as you can discover the unique Mahaseer fish choice in the area of a 20-kilometer stretch in the middle of the Nadaun and Pong Dam of the River Beas. It is better to look for a personal supper and enjoy a calm day with family and friends. 

  • Heritage Tour

Apart from Dharamshala tourist places, it is a perfect place for enlightening and intellectual people. Apart from the history, Dharamshala allows you to get familiar with the Tibetan heritage and culture. The upper Dharamshala includes people monks and citizens of the exiled Tibetan government. The Kangra Art Museum has artifacts that date as back as the 5th century. Confirmed set up by Tibetan spiritual leaders are value a visit to identify about the Tibetan culture and art. 

Best Time to Visit Dharamshala

According to the Tour Travel World, the best time to visit this place is light summers. You can plan your holidays from mid-April to mid-July and winters here are from October to February. If you love the activities of skiing, you can choose the winter season. For trekkers, summers are a wonderful season and even you can enjoy the paragliding. 

Popular Cafes And Restaurants To Check Out In Dharamshala

Here are some eating places and best cafes in Dharamshala that are mentioned which are under budget and serve delectable food that will stay on your tongue even after your trip is over. Do check this out.

  • Shiva Cafe: 

A place named after the Hindu Deity Lord Shiva but runs by a Shia Muslim Guy in the Dharamkot- Mcleodganj area. A true example of how secular our country India is. The place is located where the hippie culture began in McLeodganj. If you are in search of a perfect place for eating your food and want to enjoy the tranquillity and peace of the place then you are going to love this place. 

Exotic Lip-smacking pizzas, hookah, and delicious soups are the main attraction of this place. Enjoy the food with some soft soothing music and serenity makes this place a hotspot for tourists.

  • Illiterati Cafe: 

Are you a bookworm or a book lover? If yes then this might be a paradise for you. Some extraordinary collections of books can be rented, borrowed, or bought. The place is well furnished and beautifully decorated to provide a luxurious experience to the visitors. If you are into authentic cuisines like Mediterranean or French then you are in the right place. 

Hummus and Bruschetta are the regular servings here for the food lovers who visit this cafe. To spend quality time you can also taste tea or coffee. Special Dishes like kahwa Soups, Salads, and lasagna are the prime servings here. Such a menu allures tourists and makes it a must-visit place while they are visiting Dharamshala. 

  • Clay Oven Restaurant: 

Looking for a cafe that does not hurt your pocket without compromising the food quality and overall experience? Clay oven Restaurant at McLeodganj provides affordable prices and an exotic overall experience. This restaurant has a completely different kind of ambiance from the other cafes or restaurants available in Dharamshala.

Well furnished with polished wooden chairs and tables are there along with antique pieces makes it superb. Cakes and smoked pizzas are special delicious. With the conventional heated klin method, pizzas are prepared here. Different types of cakes with different flavors are also famous here.

  • Nick’s Italian Kitchen: 

Craving to eat something delicious mouth-watering chocolate mousse in Dharamshala? Nick’s Italian kitchen at McLeodganj is the savior when you drool for a chocolate mousse in Dharamshala. This restaurant does not serve any non-veg items only pure vegetarian foods are prepared in this place. 

Well decorated and provides a calm and soothing ambiance to enjoy your favorite mousse cake or coffee pie with your loved ones. Banana Coffee Pie, chocolate mousse cake, and pizzas are special delicacies for tourists. Banana Coffee pie is the hot favorite item of this restaurant. The alluring taste and flavor attract tourists from everywhere. 

  • Moonlight Cafe: 

This cafe is one of the best places in Dharamshala to take a chai break. This is one of the finest cafes available in Dharamshala. The ambiance of this cafe is so soothing and peaceful. You can enjoy your evenings with your loved ones by having a cup of coffee or tea.

You can try out some of the best and most famous teas like ginger tea, Masala tea, or the Bhagsu cake. Some other utterly popular dishes like Tunisian origin dish, shakshuka. Shakshuka is cooked with poached eggs and onions with a little bit of garlic and peppers. Make sure you try out the Bhagsu Cake next time you visit Dharamshala. 

  • Tibetan Kitchen: 

Dharamshala is famous for the best momos. Due to a large Tibetan population in Dharamshala, the momos prepared here are super tasty. You will find varieties of momos from steam momos to tandoori momos at street joints as well as in cafes and restaurants at reasonable prices.


If you are looking for some good accommodation, Dharamshala tourism services give special up-to-date information on the top hotels in the hill station. There is a broad range of star resorts and hotels to select from. All the places give outstanding hospitality and even tasty food for their guests. A heavenly aura always lingering during this scenic town and if you are planning for a serene time with nature, Dharamshala is the right location. 

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