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Lahore tv or Lahore 42 News is an Urdu news website (However, the content can be translated), and it covers every category regarding Lahore. Lahore 42 News provides news related to:


All Political activities in the city are monitored by Lahore 42 News, Local Body election, National Assembly constituencies, Provincial Assembly Constituencies and local political feuds including National Level Political Issues between major Political Parties Such as Pakistan Muslim League N, Pakistan Muslim League Q, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Pakistan People’s Party etc.


Lahore is a Large City with a population of above 10 million and economy is a subject integrated deep into their lives as all of them are affected by the economy news.


Lahore was named the Most populated city in the world according to the air quality index, so keeping people updated on Lahore’s current environmental situation is important. Anyone can take a part in protecting our environment. Just send video, or image of any polluted area through Facebook chat and after reviewing the article will get published. It is the aim of Lahore 42 News to promote environment protection.


Weather is an uncertain factor of nature important in our daily lives, so if you’re going to work in the morning you need to know the weather update in Lahore.

  • If you’re going to wash clothes you need to see weather updates in caution to rainy weather.
  • If in a winter evening you’re going to travel, you need to know the updated in fog for your own safety.
  • Weather updates are essential.

Gold Prices

Gold is an investment and a part of culture so to update you on daily gold rates Lahore 42 News has updated gold rates. The Gold is worn and weighed in the Lahori culture so gold rate updates are there.


Updates on Educational Institutes, policies, exam dates and admission dates.


Updates on Covid19 and dengue fever and health industry controversies.

Viral Leaks

Viral leaked footages to update public about hidden and exclusive announcement.


Update on religious activities such as Raiwind Ijtima, Updates from Masjid-e-Haram


Latest News about Ongoing crimes in the City and updating Authorities on Ongoing Criminal Activities.


Analysis from Well Known Journalists.

Traffic Updates

Traffic Updates on which road is blocked or which route is diverted all latest traffic updates on Lahore 42 News. Price of Petrol, Fruits, Chicken, Eggs and Vegetables. Daily updates on Chicken and Eggs rates, daily updated vegetable and fruit rates. Utility rates such as sugar, flour and oil rates. Flights at Lahore Airport. Lahore aviation flight updates.


Latest Entertainment Industry Gossips.


Daily business-related updates and Government Policies.

Social Media:

Citizens of Lahore can contact and report any announcement, event, or incident. Lahore 42 News is very active on social media; therefore, you may also contact them using the social media platforms like Facebook, or Twitter.

Lahore 42 News has published some articles related to climate and garbage dumping, and tagged LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company). LWMC took notice on these tweets, and illegal garbage dumps in Lahore like Bhatta Chowk, and Data Ganj Bakhsh. Now LWMC is taking action against illegal garbage dumping.Lahore 42 News has large number of followers on Facebook.

Report a News

If you have noticed any issue in your area, contact Lahore 42 News now, you will have to provide details about the issue and it will be better to provide a video of the issue. News and social media are tools to properly convey the message of public to government authorities.


Lahore 42 News is a neutral news platform, and provides facts with every announcement. You can subscribe to it using push button notifications. Just like most of the platforms Lahore 42 News subscription is also free of cost.

Video-Centric Platform

Unlike, Other news websites it provides latest news using fewer words. Most of the articles have lower that 500 words. It is more of a video-centric platform. Most of the articles are mainly based on video content because nowadays prefer videos over written content, therefore visual content is really important. If you are going to report any incident, announcement, or, event and you have a video related to it, then you can also provide the video.

Comment Section

Anyone can comment on the articles of Lahore 42 News. However, the comments are first held for moderation due to spam bots. These bots post insert virus or adult content links on the website. To avoid this the comments are first reviewed just to make sure it is a human comment. It is done to have a clean user-experience.


If you want to advertise anything on the website you can contact Lahore 42 News through social media platforms, or you can check the mobile phone number on a banner at home page.

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