Kudremukh trek: Easiest way to reach And What you can bring



A horse’s face is known as Kudremukh trek in Kannada, this is where the peak gets its name from. The peak from the side looks like that of a horse’s face. Located in the Chikmagalur district is the Kudremukh peak and is the third highest peak of  Karnataka. The trek is situated in the Kudremukh national park.

This is an added advantage on the trek where you might get to see deers and peacocks. On this trek the main attraction is how the peak looks like the face of the horse. As you climb up the weather becomes even more pleasant and it makes you feel quite relaxed.

Difficulty Level

The trek is of moderate difficulty and can be done in one day, but if you wish to stay at night you can plan accordingly. This trek is a mixture of forests, streams and valleys. You will not be able to think of anything else while on the trek because the beauty will captivate you.

How to reach –

Kudremukh as mentioned above is located in Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is a hill station which is  in Karnataka. To reach Kudremukh you can select the route on the basis of where you live and what is convenient for you. The trek actually starts from the Mullodi village which is 15 km away from Kalasa. You can’t directly go to Mullodi as it is not easy to reach there. The way to Kalasa is very easy and a private vehicle or public transport can easily reach there.

By private Vehicle

If you plan on getting your own vehicle then you can do that. From Bangalore it is a 300 km journey which will take about 8 hours. From Mangalore it would take you only 2 or 3 hours as it is only 100 km away. Once you reach the entrance point of Kudremukh you won’t be able to take your car ahead because of the bad roads. You will have to park your vehicle at the entrance and then take a jeep from there which is easily available at the entrance.

By public transportation

If you are planning to come by public transport then you can look for a public bus. There are a lot of buses from the neighboring cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, etc. You will have to make bus bookings beforehand so you don’t have to wait for a long time. The bus will drop you at Kalasa. From Kalasa you will have to take another bus and ask the conductor to drop you at the Kudremukh entrance. As mentioned from the entrance you will have to take a jeep due to the road condition ahead.

If you wish to travel by train or by flight the nearest airport and railway station would be Mangalore.

Best time to visit –

During the summers it becomes very hot and it increases the difficulty level of the trek as you would need to take more stops. The winter and monsoon season is the perfect season for going on this trek. During the monsoon season the path may be a little risky, but you will just have to be a little careful. The winter season is not risky, rather it’s a lot of fun as the weather is perfect.

In winter and monsoon the greenery looks scenic and that is the ideal time to enjoy the trek.

If you love trekking then Skandagiri Trek is also a nice option in Bangalore.

Tips for the trek –

  1. When you are on the trek you should always listen to the instructor as he will be providing important instructions
  2. If you are going to camp make sure you have made all the important bookings
  3. Don’t forget to carry essential items such as first-aid kit, torch, medicines which you need on daily basis(if any), water, dry snacks
  4. Wear outfits that would dry quickly
  5. Carry a sweater or jacket if going in the winter season and a raincoat during the monsoon season
  6. Wear proper trekking shoes as it would ease the trekking for you
  7. Train yourselves a little before coming in case you are not indulged into physical activities on a daily basis

One should definitely go for this trek. The experience that you can gain from this trek would last a lifetime. The trek has attractions like animal spotting, the Shola forest, crossing streams and looking at the beautiful views.

You can also visit different places like Horanadu Temple, Meruti Hill, Hanuman Gundi Falls, etc once you are done with the trek. If you are planning this trek then have a look at this as you will know all the important details.

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