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Knowing where Buying Property in Istanbul is the key to investing wisely. In terms of population, Turkey’s major cities are expanding in terms of infrastructure, trade, tourism, education and health with the latest trends and developments. Over the past decade, the expansion of the European side has stimulated the real estate market and attracted many foreign buyers and investors from abroad.

Anyone entering the Istanbul real estate market can choose from 39 official districts. This option, including in Asia and Europe, may seem daunting. But if you know the real reason for the purchase, for example, anyone looking to invest in a rental should definitely consider the Fati and Biaoglu area. Both are the old and new centers of Istanbul. Including popular tourist spots

The Sarıyer region is full of luxury homes, and the Kyrgios region is perfect for anyone looking for a place near the beach. At the same time, buyers will love the cheap sneaker at an affordable price per square meter. Below are some of the most prominent and major reasons. This list should provide ideas for where Buying Property in Istanbul smart real estate.

Where Buying Property in Istanbul

1: Famous Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş’s name is known throughout Turkey. Because there are high level football teams, but this area has a high reputation. The residential space of the European shores of the Bosphorus has made it a suitable place for the family. And because it’s a Levent business district, people love it. Everything you need is in Besiktas. Excellent transportation, shops, comfortable nightlife scenes. The Ortakویy area is best known for its waterfront mosques.

2: Snivert – Istanbul Europe

Snivert indoor locations emphasize affordable property prices. In addition, new developments are equipped with the latest lifestyle equipment to help home buyers make the most of both worlds. Examples include swimming pools, gyms, saunas, restaurants and shops, hallways and gardens. The sights and center of Istanbul, Turkey, are easily accessible by metro or bus. The two highways are also located next to each other. This keeps this destination away from the hustle and bustle. But close enough for convenience. The residential space and its four parks are great for families. However, with new features and affordability, it attracts a wide range of buyers.

3: Beylikduzu: Real Estate Center

For beaches, check out Beylikduzu, which attracts investors with new developments. While places like Gruenial attract locals who want to relax with a sea view on the weekends, Byrquez has also done a great job of protecting green spaces. Therefore, in other places it is not affected by concrete forests. Buying Property in Istanbul prices start from 350,000 to 400,000 TRY and have a favorable exchange rate.

Related source: Barikduz real estate market, west of the Bosphorus Strait, which is recognized by the domestic and international real estate sector for its superiority in urban planning. Explain the reason

4: Kucukcekmece – Lake District

Facing the sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara is another popular area. The geographical location near the Great Lake and the starting point of the planned route of the Istanbul Canal attracted many investors. Yalimburgaz is mostly protected caves, but you can choose from 21 different areas. Protected for archaeological reasons. Kucukcekmece is ideal if you need a place by the sea. Impressive transport network and many shops

5: Sancaktepe in Istanbul Asia

Sancaktepe is suitable for home buyers abroad. It is only a 20-minute drive from Sabiha Gokcen Main Airport. Another reason for its popularity is that most of the area is covered with forests. Thus, it offers an alternative perspective on Turkey’s largest urban landscape. The park has picnic facilities and a promenade. The Yuskudal Ship Terminal, established in 2008, is a short drive away. Again, if you want to go to Europe, most real estate is for sale in new developments. Some of them have comfortable architecture and lifestyle facilities.

6: Buyukcekmece

The Buyuk Chek Mese, located along the beach and home to 380,000 people, was once a popular weekend in central Istanbul. This trend continues today and many are buying new summer villas in the area. This trend can be easily explained by Buyukcekmece, which has 26 km of coastline including restaurants, bars and shops that attract tourists.

7: Trabia for luxury homes

Tarabya is located in Sariel, a famous and luxurious area with a large number of foreign embassies. People all over Istanbul often go to Tarabya in search of nightclubs and seafood restaurants known for their excellence. However, Trabia’s reputation is in search of luxuries and leisure. However, this place has become one of the most popular places for families. Tarabya is also close to popular luxury markets and shopping areas such as Nisantashi.

8: Bigor

Beyoglu, the new center of Istanbul, is the longest and busiest street in Turkey, East Keal Road. Everyone who buys a property here feels the dynamic atmosphere. Property for sale is primarily for the resale of housing because it has already been created. Some of them reflect an era when Art Nouveau architecture was a trend. Beyoglu is an immortal classic. And for investors looking for rental income, this is a great start. Especially in Jahangir district

9: Kadikoy: Shipping Center

Kadikoy is located next to Oscudar on the Asian side. Another important point is that most of them are used to connect ships to the Princess Islands and the European side, and staying near the coast can be expensive, but there are many more distant options. Everything you need, including a vibrant community, is at Kadikoy. Good transport network and easy access to Sabiha Gokcen Airport as more people try to find the area. Buying Property in Istanbul, away from ordinary tourist attractions. Therefore, its popularity is increasing

10: Bakercoat

Bakercoat is one of the oldest residential areas on the coast of Europe and is popular among middle-class families. Known for its excellent shopping, the city also has the largest racetrack in Turkey. This section contains everything you need for your daily life. However, if you want to visit the important points of Beyogur, you are 30 minutes away by car. You can choose from areas such as Atakoy, Floria, Yeshilkoy and Yeshilkoy. Bakirkoy is also a commercial center. Buying Property in Istanbul companies have their headquarters.

11: Atase Hill: For families

Atashir is a commercial area located on the Asian side. However, many schools also attract families. Similarly, for universities that cater to students looking for rental property, Atace Hill has several world-class shopping malls that attract the most people around. The location is close to two highways. Easy access to other areas and the reputation of skyscrapers here. A satellite city that has fascinated many people.

12: Sitein Bernao

Outside the walls of the ancient city of Zeytinburnu, there are several historic buildings to be proud of. It was once famous for its lucrative leather industry. But now it is gone, but many textile mills are still the main source of income for the villagers. Buying Property in Istanbul has 13 areas where the Effendi Center, named after a leading scientist, is most in demand.

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Yali Mansion Istanbul: Yali Mansion is located on the Bosphorus. This is the most expensive property in Turkey. Some of them are sold for up to 100 billion euros. This part of the Istanbul real estate market is kept secret. But let’s look at its background in this article.

Turkish Real Estate Guide: The real estate investment in Turkey is intended for buyers who are trying to get into a real estate situation for the first time in Turkey. In addition to answering frequently asked questions, we also offer tips and tricks to ensure that buying your property is in your best interest.

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