Know The Cancellation Method To An Auto Subscription


The program’s subscription allows the user to access the tool for a certain time. When a user installs a program, he has to purchase its license. After getting the subscription, users can access all its features. Some free programs are also available which don’t need a subscriptions. But when you use a licensed program, you need to renew it. Many people use the auto-subscription feature, so they don’t have to renew the program manually. Once he enables the auto-renewal, the program will not expire, and the billing will provide a bank account. But when the user doesn’t require the program anymore, he has to cancel the auto-renewal. If he doesn’t, the subscription will renew automatically whether you have the setup on the computer or not. So, if you are planning not to use the program, then disable auto-subscription.

Disable your auto-renewal service from account

If you are using another device or can’t access the application, then you can open the account on the browser and cancel the subscriptions. 

  1. Go to the browser and open the program’s website
  2. Go to the site and click on the My Account page
  3. Type the credentials to log in
  4. You will get your program account on the screen
  5. Search for the subscriptions window
  6. Check the auto-renewal feature
  7. Toggle the switch and disable auto-renewal
  8. Select Confirm on the wizard
  9. Again, check the subscription page
  10. Users can see the date of program expiry

Now check the email as you will get the confirmation mail. After canceling the subscriptions, you can reliably access the feature until the expiry date.

How to cancel Norton’s account from the dashboard?

How to cancel Norton’s account? When you have the setup on the device, then cancel the license from the dashboard directly. 

  1. Go to the computer and click on Norton
  2. Open Norton’s dashboard and check for the subscription tab
  3. Now click on the auto-renewal button
  4. Disable the button and tap on Confirm 

Go back to the subscription page and check the auto-renewal. It must be disabled, and you should see the license expiry date. After canceling the subscriptions, it won’t renew automatically.

Cancel your subscription from Google Play Store

For Android users, the Play Store is the only place to install the programs. You can install the programs which are not available on Play Store, but it is not recommendable. If you have installed and purchased the program’s setup from the play store, use it to disable the subscription. Users aren’t required to open an account on the browser for cancellation. Go to the Play Store and disable it directly. For cancellation of the subscriptions; open the Play Store with the same email address

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Tap on Profile and select Payments and Subscriptions
  3. Hit on the Subscriptions button and check the listed programs
  4. Select your program to remove the subscription
  5. Go to the last and tap on Cancel subscriptions

If you see the Pause payment option, then hit on the No Thanks option and resume to cancel the subscription. Once the subscription expires, you can remove the program from the system.

Cancel your subscription from App Store

If you have installed an app on an iOS device and want to remove it, use your App Store. Before proceeding, check the Apple ID. Then, use the same ID for opening the App Store.

  1. Go to your iOS device and click on App Store
  2. Open the Profile page and select Subscriptions
  3. Choose your program from the list
  4. Select the Cancel button on the screen
  5. Hit on the Confirm and close the App Store. Open the mail, and you will receive a license cancellation message. 

You can renew your subscription manually

Many people didn’t cancel the subscription as they think they can’t use it further. Once you cancel the subscription, it will expire on a date, but you can renew it. Users can renew the subscriptions any time, even before the expiry. If you have canceled the subscription but want to prevent license expiry, renew it before the date. Your new subscriptions will start only when the previous one expires. The user has to open the dashboard and select the subscription page. Now select the Renew button and fill in the details. After the payment, the subscription will be renewed.

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