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All about Navniet Sekera Biography. He is an IPS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre who has been serving in various capacities since 1996. He is currently the Additional Director General of the Uttar Pradesh Police. Among his notable roles are that of the Additional Commissioner of Police. His biographical details are detailed below. He is currently based in New Delhi. Navniet has been a member of the Indian police service for more than eight years.

Navniet Sekera began his career as a junior cop. At the age of 22, he was appointed SSP of Lucknow. While a student at Lucknow, he became a member of the Indian Film Writers’ Association. He eventually became the youngest police chief in the state capital. Despite the adversity that confronted him, he has worked hard and remained dedicated to justice.

Navniet Sekera Biography

Navniet Sekera has had an extraordinary life. His father was a robber and he was beaten by police. Having witnessed this, he decided to become an IPS officer. The incident made him feel helpless and he wanted to fight for the helpless. His father has always inspired him and he has dedicated his life to serving society. With all of his accomplishments, he has been able to inspire many.

Besides acting, Navniet Sekera has been an active member of the Indian Film Writers Association. As a result, he has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Padma Shri award. In addition, he is also a member of the prestigious National Board of Examinations (NCERT). He is married and has a daughter. During her early years, Navniet Sekere has been a passionate social activist and has been a social activist.

Aside from empowering women, Navniet Sekera is an outstanding person. Born to a middle-class farming family in UP, she went on to become the youngest SSP in her state, earning a PhD in sociology and a doctorate in sociology. She is also a member of the Indian Screenwriters Association, and has authored numerous novels.

As an IPS officer, Navniet Sekera is currently the Additional Director General of the Uttar Pradesh Police. She has received numerous accolades for her leadership qualities and dedication in the law. She was honoured with a prestigious title at the 2015 INS awards ceremony. And, is an active member of the Indian Screenwriters’ Association. She has led more than 60 encounters with women and has won several awards.

Navniet Sekera was born into a farming family in UP and attended an All-boys government school. He majored in computer science and engineering and studied at IIT Delhi. While pursuing a master’s degree, he had to drop out of his master’s course to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. He later shifted to New Delhi and won the post of an Assistant Professor of Agriculture.

Navniet Sekera Family

The Navniet Sekera family is a famous Hindu family from India. He was born on 22 October 1971. His father passed away in January 2020, so he and his wife will become father and son in 2021. Besides being a prominent politician, he is also a social activist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Mission Sashakt. 

Navniet joined the Indian Police Service in 1996, and after training at the National Police Academy, he may post as an ASP in Gorakhpur. He later transferred to Meerut as the ASP there. Navniet Sekera studied at the All-Boys government school in UP. He later went on to educate at the University of Delhi where he majored in Computer Science. He later get his MBA from the University of Chicago.

After completing high school, Navniet Sekera went on to join the Indian Civil Services (IAS). She was later assigned to the UP police department, where she worked as an Assistant Superintendent of Police. In 2009, Navniet Sekerha won a Rs. 5 lakh cash prize from the then CM of UP, Rajnath Singh, for her work on developing GPS-GIS based Automatic Vehicle Location System.

Navniet Sekera Net Worth

Navniet Sekera is an Indian actress and philanthropist who is worth $1 million. During her childhood, she was a farmer. She was a best advocate for women’s rights and founded a charity organization, Mission Sashakt, which helps children in need. Besides acting, she also writes novels and has been a motivational speaker. Besides her husband, he also has two children.

Navniet Sekera was born in 1971 in a middle-class family in India. His father passed away in January 2020 and his mother is a social activist and philanthropist. During his childhood, he may inspire to become an IPS officer and dedicated his life to helping society. As a child, he studied in all-boys Hindi-medium schools. Nevertheless, he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement and he joined the IPS when he was only seventeen years old. He has also published many books and is a member of the IPS council.

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Navniet Sekera’s family comes from a farming background. His father passed away in January 2020. He has two children with Puja Thakur. The couple has a son and daughter. Navniet Sekera has a net worth of $10 million. While her family background may be humble, her work ethic and strong work ethic has earned her a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

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