KeepPost – How to easily download Instagram media?


Instagram is an interesting social media platform offered by the Meta family. Fellows who are using Instagram can follow others, chat, react to posts and even comment as well. It comes with a unique frame that lets users share photos and videos. Because of its frame, it is simple and interesting when scrolling down the timeline. However, there is one thing that we wish there was. There is no doubt that you could guess it. Of course, it is downloading Instagram photos and videos. You may be yet to know what is KeepPost. You may even never have heard what was that. So we are going to let you know how KeepPost can help you to bring photos and videos that you love from Instagram to your device.


What is KeepPost Downloader?

As the tool says itself, it is a method of saving Instagram posts. And simply, KeepPost Downloader is a tool that is brought to you by a third-party developer to fulfill the Instagram download option. It sets you free from installing an application being an online submission. It means KeepPost is a web page. There you will capture a download bar and a highlighted download button separately. The download bar is where you have to paste the Instagram post URL that you wish to download.

There will be a long list if you search the web for Instagram photos and videos downloaders. But, we chose KeepPost because of its qualities that direct us download Instagram media smoothly.

KeepPost is a unique tool. It is perfectly designed to download Instagram files. And any person interested in saving photos or videos posted on Instagram can use KeepPost. At the moment, the KeepPost developer did not confirm an installable application. So just use it using your web browser.

A simple guide to using KeepPost

  • First of all, enable internet connection on your phone or PC
  • Open the Instagram app or just browse the Instagram web page
  • Scroll down to the photo or video
  • Copy the URL properly
  • Open the web browser or a new tab and visit KeepPost Online Downloader
  • Go to the download bar and paste the URL
  • Enter the Download button
  • The photo or video will save to the Downloads folder

Important facts to remember

  • Users can visit KeepPost using their PC or phone
  • You can connect the device to Wi-Fi or just enable your mobile data before anything else
  • As often, check if the device can collect new files. If there is a storage space issue, you better solve it first and then turn to KeepPost
  • When you scroll down the Instagram timeline, it is difficult to go until you find something posted long ago. So it is better to search the profile that owned the post or use hashtags that tagged it
  • When copying the post URL, just tap or click three dots on the top of whatever photograph or video. It will drop the options list. So you can copy the exact URL of the media
  • If you were using the Instagram web, you only have to open a new tab when you want to visit the KeepPost tool
  • You can copy and paste links of all photographs and videos that you want to download one by one. KeepPost cannot download a list of files at the same time. And you do not have to pay for a single file
  • The tool will download the file on your first attempt. But, if the file will not download, check your internet connection and storage capacity. And also, sometimes the process will fail because of system errors. So, do not worry. Try once more. Your next attempt will surely bring the file that you wished

What’s more?

The tool we brought you today was introduced by a third-party developer. So it is not a suggestion of Instagram. In accordance with experts, Instagram will never plan to add the download option because of its copyright rules. In such a situation, KeepPost is worth saving on your bookmarks to visit whenever you want.

KeepPost download media in the same quality. So, users can go through downloaded media the way they captured on Instagram. And even, it converts files into readable formats like mp4 and jpg. Because of that, users do not have to go through a converter once files are downloaded.

Furthermore, when you are with KeepPost Downloader, there is nothing to worry about updating another app and wasting your mobile data. It is another point that highlights KeepPost above all. The tool web page is quite simple. You can even go through special guidelines as well once visit.

Is it safe to use?

If you want to confirm further, yes it is. KeepPost is a third-party free tool that is not a threat to its users. It will simply load the related photo or file using the URL given and save it to the device. As we clarified, KeepPost does not need to record a single movement of its users. Thousands of users already used the tool to download thousands of files. So, we welcome you too to just try this.  

Wrapping up

So we narrated every single thing about KeepPost Free Downloader. Using the tool is not complicated at all. Just open the KeepPost web page to see whether our clearing up is right. Since KeepPost accepts both photos and videos, you can download all the files you love using one method. And even it does not count your download usage. Moreover, it does not need to record downloads of users. And its capability is uncountable. It does not matter how many times you want to download Instagram photos and videos. The service is absolutely free.

Anyhow, just come up with your Android, Apple iDevice, PC, or Macintosh. It does not matter whichever web browser makes you easy. Just launch it and search KeepPost. Just enter the post link to the relevant field and download the file. Do not miss the chance and do not forget to share KeepPost Instagram Downloader with your colleagues too. 



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