Keeping Away From Hazardous Social Media Challenges

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Just as vaccines were required to survive the pandemic, social media apps helped people survive the lockdown. People who depend upon smartphones and the internet cannot survive even an hour, let alone a day in peace, without their devices. Chat messenger apps seem to have replaced all other mediums of communication. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that encourages cross-border interaction. But aside from communication, people use their apps for several purposes. They exhibit their skills and talents on social media platforms. Some gain followers faster by participating in social media challenges. These challenges are a significant source of entertainment for app users. But some of the challenges are a complete waste of time and can be dangerous for participants. You should be able to differentiate between those that are harmless and those that can be harmful to you and your friends.

  1. Inviting the virus with open arms:

While most people were taking strict measures to prevent the spread of covid, some were outrageously rebellious. They created a challenge called the ‘coronavirus challenge’, and did some shockingly disgusting things. One of the participants licked the seat of an airplane toilet seat to gain fame overnight. Others licked walls, tables, and poles in public places. Some of them caught the virus sooner or later though no one could tell what the actual source was. Anyone in their right mind could not have considered participating in this challenge.

  1. Bear the burning sensation for as long as possible:

Are you willing to burn your skin for a bit of fame? Well, some people are. The salt and ice challenge was another ridiculous and dangerous challenge on social media. Many teenagers made videos while sprinkling salt on their skin and placing an ice cube on top. Salt immediately causes the ice to melt and burns the skin underneath. While this may seem like an amusing trick, it can cause fatal damage to the skin. The longer you keep it on, the more painful it’ll be, so you’re challenging yourself by checking to see how much pain you can bear. Youngsters craving attention circulated their videos among friends and strangers via video calling apps.

  1. Weird ways of exhibiting your fitness:

Planking is one of the most popular exercises for toning abs. However, some people took it a bit too far. While some people planked on tables and chairs, others chose street lamp posts or barbeque grills. There was a man who tried to do the plank on the edge of his roof. Sadly, he lost his life in the process. The challenge was to pick the most random spots for planking. While the activity was fine on its own, pranksters messed with its motive and turned it into something dangerous. However, sane people still use this form of exercise to tone their tummies.

  1. Defying gravity without safety measures:

There was a challenge that required participants to stack their milk crates on top of each other. Then they had to climb up from one side and down from the other. Even though the milk crates seem solid, you can instantly go off balance while trying to walk on them. Some people got severely injured while skateboarding on top of the milk crates. Trained professionals might have completed the challenge successfully, but most people just ended up getting hurt.

  1. Dancing to the tune of death:

The most ridiculous of challenges to go viral on social media was the Kiki challenge. It required that the participant gets out of a moving car and starts dancing on the street. While dancing, participants had to keep moving in the same direction as the car while facing the person filming the dance moves. The challenge resulted in numerous accidents, especially since neither the participant nor the person filming the activity had their eyes on the road. The worst part is that people who got into accidents while getting filmed by their friends also became a source of entertainment for viewers.

  1. Playfully taking someone’s life:

As the name suggests, the skull breaker challenge led to many head and backbone injuries. It’s hard to imagine why people found the challenge amusing and chose to participate in it. There are generally three participants, two pranksters, and one victim. The pranksters trick the victim into getting a jump shot with them. When he jumps, the two pranksters on either side of the victim kick his legs, making him fall backward. Many teenagers got seriously injured due to this challenge. Head and back injuries can be brutal and permanent for the victim.

People who came up with dangerous challenges on social media should be held responsible for negatively influencing the masses. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose how you use your chat messenger app. You can use NEEO Messenger, the video calling app, to warn your children and online friends of the dangers associated with participating in crazy and deadly social media challenges.

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