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Keep your house healthy with Faber chimney Under 10000

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The chimneys produced by FABER are renowned all over the world. The smoke and oil particles that stick to the kitchen roof appear while cooking food. You get irritated, and your kitchen becomes dirty as a result. A Latest Faber chimney can direct smoke from your kitchen to the outside, keeping it clean. As well as dispersing this heat, Faber chimneys also assist in dissipating the heat generated in the kitchen after cooking. Therefore, the kitchen chimney can be considered one of the essential appliances in any kitchen.

Made for the Indian market 

There is no surprise about the Indian cooking style that leaves our kitchen greasy and oily coupled with foul odours. Everyone enjoys good food, but none enjoyed the fishy smell left behind. Having a kitchen chimney is not a luxury anymore but an essential. 

Amongst other ranges, the Faber chimney is worth consideration. Listed below are some basic aspects you should know about looking for the best chimney under 10000:

  • The right chimney sizes.

Your gas stove determines the size of the Faber chimney. A simple 60 cm chimney will be sufficient for a cooktop with two or three hobs. In contrast, if you have an oven with more than three burners, you will want a chimney that is 90cm wide.

  • A powerful suction feature is important.

Curry items and spices play an important role in Indian cooking. Therefore, it is better to choose a suction power higher than the normal limit. When choosing from the best chimney under 10000 for regular domestic use, pick one with a minimum suction power of 1200 m3/hour.

  • Easier Cleaning:

Cleaning these chimneys isn’t easy. The auto-clean chimneys that clean themselves automatically provide a great solution.

  • Noise:

Depending on the suction power, the chimney makes different noises. On average, the noise level stays at 58 dB.

  • Filter technology 

Filterless technology in Faber kitchen chimneys saves energy and time as you clean your kitchen. Filters are no longer necessary with this technology, which is considered next-generation auto-cleaning.

You can maintain your kitchen chimneys affordably with this technology. Faber generally positions the motor in the centre of their chimney products, so heat and air can escape easily. Some models even feature baffle filters ideally suited for very greasy kitchens. Every six months, you should clean out the baffle filter to prevent leaks caused by overflow.

Smoke and oil can be removed from the air using these highly efficient baffle filters. There are durable filters that can remove sticky oil droplets, smokes, and grime from the air. Everything goes to the oil collector easily.

  • Oil collectors

Certain Faber kitchen chimney models come with separate oil collector sections for collecting oil particles. The oil fills up in an oil collector cup located near this filter.

  • Motor

Faber chimneys feature powerful motors, a heavy-duty motor capable of handling heavy loads easily. The motors also ensure excellent quality and low noise during suction.

  • Controls 

The front of these kitchen chimneys even features a touch screen integrated with the controls. Controlling your kitchen chimney is easier and more relevant with the touch screen controls and 3-speed gestures. Some models on the market have an integrated full-touch screen design for control. The Faber chimney controls can be optimised this way quickly. Additionally, this Faber chimney comes with LED light buttons, which will allow you to operate it in the dark with ease.

Chimney types

By placement

Wall-mounted Island chimneys
Installed adjacent to walls The chimney is installed from the ceiling, hanging over the stove
Cost-effective Have a higher lifespan
Great service More expensive 
Have smoke-release ducts Ideal for island kitchen or bigger kitchens
Ductless versions filter the air to remove smoke, oil, gas. Features oil collector that collects the oil after filtration
Feature auto-clean features for easy maintenance. It doesn’t require frequent cleaning.
Ideally should be six inches wider than the cooktop size


Since its inception, Faber has been a leader in kitchen technology, designing, and manufacturing products that turn the kitchen into a comfortable, pleasant place to be. The worldwide reputation of Faber chimney technology is well-deserved. There are chimney models for both wall mounting and ceiling mounting. There is only one chimney with a cooling fan and air purifier in the world, offered by a Faber aerostation with 3-D technology. 

A four-dimensional suction hood allows fast ingestion of smoke with the Faber electric fireplace. Three layers of filters ensure that their chimneys deliver effective suction without clogging. A built-in auto-clean feature is also available. Moreover, Sil-K technology is another important feature of this product because it helps to reduce noise when it is operating. A Faber appliance serves such a variety of functions that it makes an excellent addition as a kitchen appliance that is both convenient to use and aesthetically pleasing!

The online market has plenty of kitchen chimneys but deciding which one is best for your needs is challenging. Use our EMI Network Card to find the chimney that’s right for you. It is possible to purchase kitchen chimneys at affordable prices since no down payment is needed and EMI is easy.  

Get the best kitchen chimney. 

At Bajaj Finserv, we’re here to ensure that you get the best, top-rated Faber chimney to keep your home and family healthy. Your kitchen will be smoke-free and fume-free with the best kitchen chimneys in India. As well as ensuring a grime-free kitchen, the suction process of the kitchen chimney also provides ventilation for small kitchens without windows.

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