8 Job Search Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Chances


Knowing Your Market Value

Before attending even one interview, do your homework and figure out what you’re worth in the market. Otherwise, you’ll be haggling without knowing the facts. In order to make the negotiation process less unpleasant, Myers suggests only bringing up money after the company has made it apparent that you are their top candidate and after they have made an offer.

According to Rebecca Bottorff, chief people officer of, you can determine your market worth based on your technical abilities, experience, and even where you live. is used by Bottorff to conduct salary benchmarking and planning in order to identify the worth of her workers to the company and to analyze how new knowledge and abilities should be rewarded. As a result, I know exactly what I’m paying for in terms of their real knowledge and experience.

Don’t Just Look for Job Openings

According to Myers, more than 40% of roles are create specifically for an applicant, frequently during an on-site interview. “Opportunities” can be found almost anywhere, so shift your focus from “openings” to “opportunities.”

We had a woman come to interview for an administrative position,” Doug Mitchell, CEO of direct sales company Solutions, “She knew everything there was to know about our company, what we did and while she’d technically applied for a specific position, she had so much knowledge about the other aspects of our business and had ideas about how to address challenges and help out in different ways, I hired her on the spot—for a different job. She’s now our go-to person for customer service and training.

Not Doing Enough Research to Prepare for Interviews

In Myers’ opinion, all job interviews have five essential elements: explaining your worth, demonstrating your understanding of the organization, asking intelligent questions, negotiating salary, and following up. According to Mitchell, one of the greatest methods to guarantee that you are the top contender for the job is to perform comprehensive research about the organization and the interviewer beforehand. In order to get that ideal job, you need to show real interest in the business and the interviewer. Glassdoor and Indeed are good places to look at a publicly traded firm,” Mitchell advises. You have to avail services from CV writing services UAE to get the best job for you.

When it comes to small chats, don’t be scare to make a personal connection. Find something in common, even if it’s only that you’re both enormous fans of the same brand. As Mitchell points out, “knowing all there is to know about a firm will indicate that you are more likely to get hired since you will have a clear understanding of the aims of the company, who their competitors are, and what their issues are.”

This is the Fourth and Last Blunder.

In any job hunt, “networking should be the major objective,” advises Myers. People that are good at networking pay attention rather than just chat, have a clear goal in mind, and aren’t afraid to ask for help and advice when they don’t know what they’re doing.” Networking is a “long game” that takes years to develop but may pay dividends in the end if done correctly. Jayne Mattson, senior vice president of Client Services at Keystone Associates, recommends an organize, professional strategy that can be readily track and that will hold you to your word.

Make it a goal each month to connect with three new individuals. You don’t have to meet in person to check in; you can drop a quick message through LinkedIn or email to see how they’re doing and catch up. For those who can meet in person, Mattson recommends inviting your connection out for lunch and updating each other on what’s going on both professionally and personally.

Unsolicited Resumes

According to Myers, unsolicited resumes are a waste of time and resources. Job search specialist Rick Gillis agrees and points out that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) resume is likely to be reject unless it is design properly for an available position. It’s a waste of time for my clients. In order to fight an ATS, you need to make sure that your resume is specifically tailor to an open and available position. Sending out resumes in the hope of receiving a response is a waste of time. And energy that might be spent networking instead, according to Gillis.

Not Having a Game Plan for Your Search

If you’re looking to get a job or change jobs, you need to approach the process methodically. Myers recommends that you devise a system, set aside time each day for self-reflection and planning. And commit a certain area of your house to job hunting, application processing, and monitoring your progress. You should also put a mechanism in place to keep yourself responsible. Such as applying for a particular number of opportunities each day, building networking contacts, revising your resumes, and the like.

Going it Alone

Using the services of a career counselor, assignment writer, or other job search professional is a smart idea, according to Myers. When it comes to your job search, a career coach or other job search specialist can provide you impartial advice. Encourage you to think outside the box, and layout a proven strategy for success. People who are good at negotiating salaries sometimes help job seekers get offers that are far higher than their original expectations. In terms of investment, there is a wide range of options for career assistance. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance in your quest, adds Myers.

Not Making use of Social Media

This is going to be a massive undertaking. It was been brought to your attention that the vast majority of available vacancies aren’t even being advertised. As a result, you’ll be expect to be networking like a pro. Opening opportunities you didn’t know existed and gaining insight from your network are two important benefits of networking. Alternatively, they may be able to put you in touch with recruiting managers without you having to submit a formal application. You must include networking as a key component of your overall marketing plan. It is critical to have a strong network in order to increase your chances of landing a job.

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