Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears


For years now, the dominance of Japanese steel hair cutting scissors has been regarded as the ultimate deal in the hairdressing industry. But the exceptional sales of Japanese hair cutting scissors are not associated with their import quality alone.

Experts say certain solid factors made Japanese hair cutting scissors and shears so popular. Below, we explained all the possible aspects that have a significant association with Japanese hair cutting shears or, in particular, with Ninja Scissors.

●Exceptional Steel Performance

First, the steel performance associated with Japanese hair cutting scissors is genuinely exceptional. Unlike Chinese or German blade steel, there’s no way you will find a Japanese blade scissor lagging in its function. The Japanese steel will cut every strand of hair with excellent precision like a true master.

Among Japanese steel, three variations are commonly used by manufacturers like Ninja Scissors to manufacture exceptional hairdressing shears. The VG10 steel, ATS 314 steel blade.

●Corrosion Resistance

Having exceptional blade steel is one thing, but Japanese scissors ensure that their blade’s fine and signature quality stays intact for a very long period. For this, the blade includes a special corrosion resistance coating in general.

If we talk about Ninja Scissors, the blade is thoroughly polished multiple times before finally assembling it to make the shears. As a result, the blade remains intact and corrosion-free even after rigorous use through the years to come.

●Super easy to Handle

As a hairdresser, what’s one thing you think is an absolute must in hairdressing scissors if you want to work long hours with them? Well, for the majority of hairdressers, the answer will be a scissor with an easy-to-handle design. After all, it’s going to be you and your shears boosting your hairdressing career.

Japanese hairdressing scissors are known for this particular trait as well. These shears are generally designed to fit perfectly in the hand of the user. With a compact design like this, your ability to perform well as a hairdresser will surely increase many times.

●Damage Resistant

If you have ever used Chinese-based hairdressing scissors at least once in your hairdressing career, you know exactly what we are talking about. Besides the Japanese steel scissors, hairdressing scissors are prone to blade and handle damage. But what exactly does damage to a hairdressing scissor mean?

Well, let’s say you decide to work rigorously with your hairdressing shears for a few days in a row. Now, if you have a low-quality shear, there are very bright chances that it will be damaged during this challenging work routine. On the other hand, using exceptionally well-manufactured hairdressing scissors like the ones manufactured by Ninja Scissors will not replicate similar results.


Surprisingly, the overall blade weight that we usually get in Japanese hairdressing shears is relatively low compared to the Chinese or German products. As a hairdresser, this can go in your favor in the long run.

●Pressure Relieving Design

Last but not least, the ability to relieve pressure off your joints and fingers. According to verified surveys, hairdressers are prone to many joints and vascular disorders. The primary reason behind this is the amount of pressure they sustain daily by using hairdressing scissors.

Our hands are packed with blood vessels. The amount of minute yet continuous pressure exerted by the hairdressing shears around this shear eventually leads to disorders like varicose veins. Japanese scissors manufacturers like Ninja Scissors offer specially designed ergonomic handles to cope with this issue. These handles are known for relieving even pressure across finger joints. Usually, the core joints are affected by stress.

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