Jackfruit Cultivation Process In India With Advancement

Jackfruit Cultivation Process In India With Advancement


Jackfruit crop is grown on a large scale in India. It is also called the largest fruit in the world. It’s a completely grown plant that gives yield for many years. Its ripe fruit can also be eaten like this, but mainly it is used for eating as a vegetable. Therefore it can be called both fruit and vegetable. Small bites are applied to the top layer of jackfruit.

After eating jackfruit, one thing has to be taken care of, that after that never eat paan, because it can cause problems of stomach fat. Fruits can be obtained from jackfruit plants twice a year, so farmers can earn a good income by cultivating jackfruit.

Soil, Climate & Temperature

Jackfruit cultivation can be done on all types of land, but sandy loam soil is suitable for its crop. The P.H. of the land in its cultivation. The value should be around 7.

A hot and humid climate is considered quite suitable for the jackfruit crop. Its plants increase in the summer and rainy seasons, but the frost falling in the cold harms its produce. Along with this, the temperature below 10 degrees harms plants’ growth.

How To Plant 

Once the jackfruit plant is ready, it gives yield for many years. Therefore, before cultivating jackfruit, its field should be well prepared. First of all, deep ploughing of the area should be done. This will destroy the remains of the old crop in the field. After this, get the lot ploughed by putting a pad to make the field level. Then, keeping a distance of 10 meters in this flat field, prepare a 1 meter wide and bottomless pit. After this, put an appropriate amount of old dung manure and fertiliser in these pits and leave them open for a few days. After 15 days, the plants are planted in this pit. 

When the jackfruit plant is prepared, it gives yield for a long time. Hence, prior to developing jackfruit, its field ought to be completely ready. Profound furrowing of the area, first of all, ought to be finished. This will annihilate the remaining parts of the old harvest in the field. After this, get the part furrowed by putting a cushion to make the field level. Then, at that point, keeping a distance of 10 meters in this level field, set up a 1 meter wide and abyss. After this, put a suitable measure of old waste excrement and compost in these pits and leave them open for a couple of days. Following 15 days, the plants are established in this pit.

Preparing Plants

Jackfruit plants are planted in the form of seeds. It takes 5 to 6 years for plants to grow by seed. If you want to produce in the form of sources, then you should immediately plant the seeds extracted from jackfruit in the soil. Two methods are used to make jackfruit plants. For preparing plants, the Powertrac euro 47 tractor model is performing outstanding in the fields.  

Grafting Method

In this method, the original ripe branches of the plant are cut and separated, after which these branches are peeled in a V shape. These branches can be planted on any plant. However, before planting these branches in other plants, the leaves of that plant are removed, and its extension is separated. After this, separate its stem from the middle and cut it into two equal parts. Next, Kalmi branches are planted in these parts and covered with polythene. After this, when the roots come out in it, they are cut and produced in the pits.

Transplanting Method 

Before planting the prepared plant cuttings in the pits, mix the compost and soil well in those pits. After this, the cuttings are covered in these pits to 2 to 4 cm depth. For this, the rainy season is considered the most appropriate because, during this time, the plants’ moisture remains in the plants, which grows well. Therefore, June and July are the best months for planting jackfruit plants.


Jackfruit plants do not require much irrigation, but the first irrigation should be given immediately after transplanting the plants. After this, in the summer season, it needs two to three more irrigations for 15 to 20 days. After that, it is the rainy season, and its plants should be watered when needed. Similarly, the Powertrac Euro 60 tractor model is suitable for handling farm equipment for irrigation.  

Weed Control 

Its plants do not require much weed control. But from time to time, when weeds appear in the field, weed control should be done by weeding and hoeing in its natural method.


Jackfruit plants are ready to produce about three to four years after transplanting. Apart from this, wide varieties take more time to make. About 150 plants can be planted in one hectare of field. According to this, farmers can easily earn about three to four lakhs from the yield of jackfruit in one year.

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