Its Time To Implement Contactless Attendance Management System


Everything will be digital in this technological era. Going digital is also essential for security and safety. Employees are the most critical component of any organization. Please provide them with a Contactless Attendance system to keep them safe. This is the management of employee attendance to reduce downtime. It entails tracking each employee’s hours worked and can aid in increasing efficiency and maximize output.

As we all know, tracking working hours have become more critical than ever as people began working for others rather than themselves. Pen and paper were used to manage attendance at the time. Tracking working hours have become more critical than ever. This system replaced the pen and paper system with a timesheet and a black box, and it took over attendance management in factories and manufacturing plants.

The Need for the Contactless Attendance Management System

To register employee attendance, the Contactless Attendance Management System includes a QR code feature. Contactless attendance management systems are the ideal solution for a company’s attendance management needs because they eliminate the possibility of the proxy, provide higher levels of accuracy, and are cost-effective. The contactless system will be more secure and safer. This contactless technology is more secure in the covid era.

Features of Contactless Attendance Management System 

Contactless Check-ins

There are several benefits to a contactless attendance management system, the key advantage being better hygiene and a significantly lower probability of infection spread. This system also provides touchless check-ins—employees can check in with their own mobile devices. The attendance system is personalized through digitalization, as employees can mark their attendance from their phones.

Cloud-Based Attendance Management System

The contactless attendance system is hosted in the cloud. This system’s data is stored in the cloud. As a result, everyone has easy access to that data. A cloud-based AMS has numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of access. A cloud-based system ensures access from all devices and allows for real-time attendance capture of all employees, regardless of location.


Employees have a plethora of options for registering their attendance, which reduces the likelihood of an employee missing out on their attendance. Employees can register their presence with a single click of a button. They can also employ the face recognition technique.


Employees can mark their attendance with the simple press of a button, and their location will be recorded and reflected in the Attendance report. Employees can also use the Facial Recognition software, which analyses their faces and records their location to record their attendance. 


The Attendance Management System includes a dashboard accessible to the administrator and provides insight into various aspects of attendance data. This dashboard covers various metrics, including overall department attendance, average employee attendance, and hourly attendance. Admin receives notifications and reports about employee absences in real-time. Similar notification will be sent to the employee who did not mark his attendance. This system also includes leave management, where an employee can apply for leave, and their supervisor can grant leave via the platform. The dashboard will display the pertinent information.


This system, which supports an unlimited number of employees and transactions, gives administrators the flexibility and power to define various characteristics. Because this touchless attendance software does not require any hardware, employees can mark their attendance from the comfort of their desks. With the geo-location capture feature, this attendance management system is also helpful for field staff.


The Contactless Attendance Management System is especially pertinent in today’s environment, where there is a need for improved hygiene and infection prevention. Unlike biometric systems, which are always at risk of infection, this promotes a safer and healthier working environment. Attendance management, which was once a complicated and time-consuming process, can now be simplified.

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