IS2020RKPSG2A: GE’s one of the best VME power supply modules


IS2020RKPSG2A: The world runs on power. There is no denying that electricity has become a necessity worldwide. Our electrical appliances, our businesses, and even our cars run on electricity. Therefore it is safe to say that our everyday lives rely on the production and supply of electricity. 

A massive chunk of our electric supply is through turbines. Now, these turbines can be of numerous types. For example, some countries have enormous wind turbine farms that convert wind energy into electrical energy through windmills. At the same time, some countries use the flow of water in the rivers via a dam to produce hydroelectricity. Similarly, other types of turbines that are primarily used are steam and gas turbines. Although turbines have a primary mechanism of action, what’s tricky about them is their maintenance and operation, as turbines are supposed to run 24/7 for an uninterrupted power supply. Therefore, there has to be a functioning turbine controlling system that ensures that the turbine works around the clock without any errors.

Many turbine control systems are in use in numerous industries and factories. Although they sometimes vary based on the model of turbine that is in use, one company has made its mark in this niche, General electric.

General electric and their turbine control systems

Over the year, GE has launched many control systems successfully. They first introduced the Mark I in the 1960s, which became a massive hit due to its extensive usability and numerous functions. Over the decades, they launched multiple series like Mark II, III, IV, and Mark V., Their most recent models, are Mark VI and Mark VIe. Their most advanced control system comes with up-to-date features and much better efficiency. 

GE’s Mark VI turbine control system

 GE produces the Mark VI control system in two forms. Either the Triple Modular Redundant or Simplex form. It is built around a central control module. The Mark VI connects to a termination board that receives input from the various boards connected all over the system. The Central module is also associates with the operator’s interface, allowing easy access to the system’s data via a windows platform.

The control module of the Mark VI has a basic 13 or 21-slot VME card rack. The card rack allows the central control module to access the inputs with a barrier board or a box-type block and a signal-in-shape. 


Many components ensure the smooth running of the turbine control system. One such component is the VME power supply module. The Mark VI employs IS2020RKPSG2A as its power supply module, and it is because of several features. 

First off, this module has seven different versions, and all these versions have additional input/output requirements. This power supply module’s output rating is almost 400 watts, whereas its input voltage rating is around 120 VDC. The IS2020RKPSG2A is easy-to-install and easy to use as it can be mounte next to the interface racks and the VME control. This module also consists of:

  • Five +28 volt PSA output.
  • Additional remote +28 volt PSA output as a backup. 
  • Status identification output. 

The IS2020RKPSG2A comprises a single user control module as a toggle switch. It is present on the front faceplate and helps reset module faults. This faceplate is labeled as the power supply and an option that records the revision number. This option can also record General Electric’s catalog number and serial number. They can also come in handy for efficient referencing. Like its other counterparts, IS2020RKPSG2A also has a significant heat sink component. It comprises numerous metal fins. The faceplate also has three LED indicating lights. 

This power supply module has two connectors, PSA and PSB, on its top edge. In addition, there are four additional connectors, namely PS24, PS28, PS335, PSSTAT, and PS125, or PS24. 


The Mark VI turbine control system was launching back in the 1960s. It now has an improved version in the market, namely, Mark VIe. Its features fill the shoes of the Mark VI quickly and offer more than what its predecessors did. Therefore it is best to keep a few things in mind. 

As time moves forward, technology advances move with it. It means that it is only time before newer technology or components are launched, making their predecessors obsolete. Therefore, if you frequently use the Mark VI and do not plan to upgrade soon, it is best to order some essential components, like the IS2020RKPSG2A VME power supply module. Why wait for it to wear out when you know all technical details come with specific life. So, suppose General Electric stops production from the launching a newer item. In that case, it is best way to have a few parts in your warehouse so that your operations are not interruptes by any ordeal. You get enough time to adjust to the newer technology, as per your understanding.