Is It Wise To Host A Blog On Dedicated Servers?


Dedicated servers are among powerful race of servers currently used in the market. If anyone wants a reliable and a stable solution for their needs they tend to go for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are comparatively very stable. This makes them a good choice for extensible options which many bloggers and other type of users want.

Most of users want to do blogging generally think of opting dedicated servers as these are much easier to deal with when compared to traditional shared servers. This gives you the opportunity to grow as much as you want. A dedicated server ensures that you do not have to face any sort of limitation on your server.

Server Potential

The full potential of your server is available to you for your general use and you at any given period of time can go to its full potential. And moreover if you think that it is not enough you can upgrade your system very quickly and effectively. This merely takes 15-45 minutes to accomplish.

So while blogging what you need is a dedicated servers if you think your blog will get high traffic and you need to have more scalability. Even if you are a big celebrity or a famous person with a lot of viewers on a daily basis dedicated servers can handle that load easily and you will not face any sort of problems with them. Generally, on an average dedicated servers are able to handle around 12,000-16,000 hits per hour. A hit here is referred to a request made to website to download a particular file by a client.

But apart from all the benefits that a dedicated server has you should also take into consideration some of the other factors that should reflect your actions while getting a dedicated server for your blogging needs.

Blog Content

The content of your blog is the key factor in deciding how much load is it going to put on your server. If a user visits your website for reading your blog all the things that are shown to him make the load that is put on your server. Different components on your server have different effects on your server load.

Some elements are hard to process and load in comparison to others. Generally videos are the hardest to load and then high resolution photos and then comes animations and text of different types which can either be formatted or unformatted. There are other elements also but for the sake of simplicity this is the basic of load generation and distribution that elements of your website put on a server.

So if you have a lot of heavy elements on your blog like video etc. you should definitely go for dedicated server.

User Frequency

The one thing that makes your blogs live is the users or the viewers who read them. Having a lot of viewers is good but also bad if you have a shared or a weak server. So to avoid things like overload or error 404 pages, all you need to do is to make sure you have a dedicated server which is quite capable.  When a user visits your website, your website needs to respond to them quickly so that the users retain their interest in your website’s content.

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If you are a person who is tight on your budget because of limited resources or any specific reason. You should not go for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are generally expensive when compared to other shared server. You should always save your money and not overspend on things which will not be as equally valuable to you.

Reliability and Security

The next big thing that comes into mind while thinking about dedicated server is the reliability and security options. When comparing shared hosting a dedicated server is highly secure. This is because the full control of your website and server is in your hand. But on the contrary you should know how to operate all these security variables. And reliability is a thing not to worry about for dedicated servers at all.


Dedicated servers are famous around the world for their top class performance. And they can literally give you any scale of performance that you need form them. Performance is a thing which is quite rare in other type of servers. But dedicated servers provide you with even the last drop of performance that you can leach out of their hardware. This essentially makes you not to worry about their performance even a bit.


As a conclusion we can easily say that if you are a small or even an amateur user or blogger you should never consider a dedicated server. But if you want to go all out which means you are serious about your work. Then you are better with dedicated server.

There are always two sides to a coin, and the same goes to dedicated server. There are a lot of benefits to using a dedicated server but there are some downfalls as well. Firstly, the major downfall is that you need to bear a lot more cost of owning a dedicated server than any other type of shared server.

The dedicated servers are infamous for being awfully expensive. They cost a lot more than most type of servers. But they also have a lot of positive side as well. They can handle heavy load things on your website with ease like videos and high resolution photos. Dedicated server can handle a large number of users per hour than any other type.

They are highly reliable and secure. The performance output for them is quite high too. However, you need to have a good knowledge to operate and run them until and unless you are ready to pay extra money for the server maintenance and security. Overall if dedicated servers provide the value for your works then they are worth going for.

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