Introducing The Latest Window 11 And Its Features?


The upcoming major version of the windows is Window 11. Windows 11 is the successor of the window 10 which is released in 2015. In June 24, 2021 announced to develop the Windows 11. A window is a computer display area. It is an operating system design by the Microsoft. As we know that, today is the era of Information technology. Technology is found in every part of our life every work based on technology. It is the collection of many programs. Window 11 is include dual screen videos, included a new start button and menu. Start menu is existed in window 10. Window 11 is the more refined than the Window 10. Here, we discuss about some features of the window 11 which are following:

  • Android apps.
  • Widgets.
  • Microsoft team integration.
  • Virtual desktop support.
  • Easier transition.
  • Snap layouts.
  • Coming to PCS soon.

When you will be able to get windows 11?

The window 11 could arrive as early as October. After the successful way of window 10, window 11 is the best way to work on it. It could see in the world as soon as possible. You know that everything contains basic things in your life like same that window is most important part in computer.

How to download Windows 11 once it’s available?

When Windows 11 becomes available in world you will be downloading in the same way you download any version of window. Many users go to setting update the windows and click check for updates. If it is available you will see all the features. Download and install. How to download? If you are not download the window 10. First download the window 10 and the 11.

How to use the new Windows 11 features

Android app built in windows 11. It is the first time in history everyone is download on your PC. Everyone knows about everything like android app and windows 11. For Example: Amazon’s App store you need to download Amazon’s App. Many others app are also available like that TikTok, Uber, Netflix, Gaming Apps and many other Apps. All apps are found on the google play store, to get started you go to the play store search the application and the download or install. After the downloading you sign up, login or create account. Then appear on the window in the computer display it.

Will my laptop run Windows 11?

If you want to run windows 11 on your PC. You can check this list of system specification on Microsoft’s. Windows 11 update is freely available found or download when it’s available around the 2021 holiday season. If you already download the window 10 you will easily download the next version of Window.

What are the system requirements to run windows 11?

We discuss about many system requirements to run it which is at least 4 gigabytes of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a 720p display eventually on the screen. Now here discuss following requirements:

  • Processor.
  • RAM.
  • ROM.
  • Storage.
  • Graphics card.
  • Display area.
  • Trusted platform module version 2.0.
  • Strong Internet connection.
  • Microsoft account.

How to download Windows 11 inside a preview build

If you are a member of Windows inside program you sign up or login freely. You can download the inside preview sight. It is publically to use all the peoples freely. It is free of cost and easily downloads. Go to setting. Click to get starting. Follow the all instructions that are provided on them. Create an account and the restart. After that you will go to the privacy setting Diagnostics and feedback. If available you will see the features update to Windows 11. Click download and install.

Some benefits of the Windows 11:

Here we discuss some benefits of the window 11:

  • Faster and more speed to perform our work.
  • Better experience in gaming.
  • Experience in entertainment.
  • Create a many developers or creators for future.
  • It is an Excellent if it is coming in 2021.
  • Faster operating system.

Disadvantages of Windows 11:

When we see the advantages of anything they posses some disadvantages as well. We discuss about some advantages.

  • User’s adaptability.
  • Possible upgrade issues.
  • Training.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Specific system requirement.
  • Hard to believe Windows 11 is faster.


In the last we can say that this is all helpful for our computers. When we use the technology this is very beneficial and important for us. We work on it all the time and perform a better task. A lot of upgrades will be made. It realized the actual power of it.

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